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After staying under wraps for far too long, the first floor of Nariman Point’s CR2 is finally showing signs of life. The food court has re-opened, and its slick co-working space vibe (complete with charging sockets integrated into the booths) is a welcome update from the Bombay kitsch that illustrated its last avatar.

DeGustibus Hospitality (the company behind Neel, which is opening next door; Indigo Deli; Indigo; and D:OH!) won the tender to revamp the food court titled Eleven Kitchens and has two ready offerings – the Indigo Burger Project and Dakshin Rasoi - which we sampled on consecutive days.

Indigo Burger Project (IBP): Old Monks & Mousse

Movie-goers at INOX will be happy to learn that IBP seems to have cracked the formula of a pocket-friendly burger that also tastes good; the most expensive lamb and cheese variant is Rs 265. We start with The Sloppy, stuffed with chicken that got drunk on Old Monk right before it met its demise. The burger lives up to its name, with thick, caramel-like sauce coating our fingers as we bite into a bun that could have done with a crisper crust. Otherwise, we have no complaints, as the meat is full of flavour and balanced against crunchy, fresh vegetables. As one of two burgers without a patty (the other is the Mumbai Special, which features sandwich style vegetables in a burger bun), we are impressed.

Also worth ordering is a grilled vegetable and cheese sandwich where bell peppers and zucchini are bookended by bread slices slathered with sun dried tomato pesto. The vegetables hold their own against the bread and the cheese adds heft, making it an ideal meal for someone with a petite appetite. Other items on the menu are nachos and fries, as well as milkshakes and ice cream, the last of which aren’t available on both our visits.

So we end with chocolate mousse, a silky mid-day bonus for office goers of Nariman Point.

Dakshin Rasoi: Alien Chutney

Peppery and sour and packed with heat, it’s hard to say that the wondrous rasam before us comes from a QSR at Nariman Point. If it claimed to be from Matunga, we would believe the rasam’s little white lie, right until the cold-on-the-inside vadas get their partner caught in a jiffy. Liar liar, rasam on fire.

Our disappointment at Dakshin Rasoi piles up when we discover that a special morel dosa with porcini and chestnut ragout doesn’t have a hint of the earthy morels at all. What we get is a regular dosa, with sambhar and three chutneys (all worth packing by the jar) and a bowl of porcini, chestnut, cheese and cream. The porcini accompaniment is nicely nutty and an inspired pairing. For those that want to stick to the tried-and-tested, you’ll also find idlis, vadas and uttapams, as well as curd rice and bisi bele bath. Our beautifully brittle rawa dosa is spicy and pairs especially well with the tomato chutney.

The real gem to spot here is the robust, pick-me-up filter coffee. Now combine that with chocolate mousse from Indigo Burger Project next door, and you’ve got yourself the perks a working day deserves.

Getting there: CR2, Barrister Rajni Patel Marg, Nariman Point. An average meal for two is about Rs 450.

Accessibility: First floor access with an escalator and elevator.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.

This review was conducted by Aatish Nath, a freelance food and travel writer.

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