Travel Inspired Cushions & Quilts
Friday, 08 March 2013 13:43

What: Cushions and quilts inspired by travel by Safomasi, available online, prices start at Rs 1,500 for a small cushion.

Why: You know the phrase ‘good enough to eat’? Artist Sarah Fotheringham, currently a designer at W+K spent several years travelling around the country drawing pictures of Indian sweets. With the help of her boyfriend and business partner Maninder, she began to print these on cotton to turn them into fun, colourful cushions— floor and small—as well as quilts. Sarah’s illustrations inspired by travel - view her impressive portfolio here - include some very pretty camels from the Pushkar fair. Also keep an eye out for rugs they plan to do soon, with pictures from Japan. Fun fact: the name Safomasi comes from their names—Sarah Fotheringham and Maninder Singh. Duo over?

When: Now, because all good journeys should end in bed.


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