Beans Unlimited: For The Caffeine Junkie
Friday, 08 March 2013 13:21

What: Espresso bar party catering, retro coffee machines and beans by Beans Unlimited, or call 24712610, Rs 1,400 for a 25 pod box of Cafes Richard Columbian coffee.

Why: It’s Friday and you’re still being a grouch potato. It’s probably because the coffee in your office sucks. Here’s a little something for your HR department – Beans Unlimited, a coffee solution company that sells everything from retro-looking coffee machines to pods from Illy, Cafes Richard and Lavazza, and even sets up an Espresso bar at your dinner party. Keeping A-list clients like Blue Frog, Indigo and Sula Wines hopped up on caffeine, we think they might be a good way to get on the bean’s list.

When: You want a new brew crew.


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Comments (6)
Saturday, 30 March 2013 14:31
Ann Carroll
Wish we had Beans Unlimited in Ireland!
Monday, 11 March 2013 17:56
Beans Unlimited is my, only favourite.
I Love their service, coffee and the unforgettable Ascaso Steel Duo!

"Must own" products!
Saturday, 09 March 2013 13:51
Jean Pierre Fontaine
Excellent choice! Classic espresso for my Mumbai mornings. This is the only company that sells Cafe Richard, makes me feel like home in India.
Saturday, 09 March 2013 13:11
Jay Gupta
Beans Unlimited, helped me put a small Lavazza machine at my office. Most affordable international coffee!
Saturday, 09 March 2013 13:08
I've been a client with them for the past 3 years! Super Service and brilliant coffee!
Saturday, 09 March 2013 12:57
They have a great range of machines, coffee and super service!

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