From tap dancing classes to home delivery of your favorite cheeses, we scout out the best and quirkiest services in Mumbai.

String Theory: Guitar From Ground Up
Thursday, 10 July 2014 10:53


It’s post midnight in a small room in Nana Chowk. From behind the door, grand crescendos of Bach ebb and flow. Inside, you see the place strewn with strings and screws and tools and handsome blocks of wood on their way to becoming something. The man laboring over this set up turns and asks, “What kind of wood would you like for your guitar. I’m experimenting with Neem and jack fruit at the moment.”

This is Samir Karnik and you’ve walked into his studio where he crafts guitars from scratch. Many years ago, Samir used to play in a band called Zephyr. With a Masters degree in Environmental Sustainability, his career up until now has involved working with banks and advising them how to reduce their carbon footprint. The last bank that he worked at invested in a whole bunch of projects that involved teaching skills to a community. It is during this time Samir decided it was time to bring back the music, and do some work “on the ground instead of behind a computer.”

String Theory

And so he signed up for Goa’s Jungle Guitars’ grueling course to learn how to make the instrument. It’s been about a year since Samir returned to Mumbai and started Enzo, a service where he can build you a guitar from ground up. He first set up a studio, then a supply chain - gullies in Lohar Chawl, Bhiwandi for wood, and “random people in Kerala”, and lastly, trained himself to be patient and disciplined enough to work on each instrument for two months. “I make all the parts myself and work without assistants so the whole process is quite laborious.”

Which is probably why Samir is quite picky about who he builds for. “I like people who want to be involved in the entire process rather than just place an order for the guitar and vanish.” The process probably became more selective when Samir saw a guitar he’d crafted for someone, cracked down the middle. “It broke my heart.”

Don’t Get Wasted!

Samir can make you a regular ol’ guitar, but given his degree in environmental sustainability, he’d love if you were interested in his ongoing experiment with alternate woods like jackfruit, neem and babul. Art work and modifications can also be involved if you wish. “My idea is to use home grown wood and make a guitar with the least amount of waste.”

So from the wood that’s left over Samir usually makes little thises and thats for neighbours – “a birdbox for a friend, some crosses for aunty’s church.”

So call Samir if you need a special guitar, some know-how and who knows, you too might find God in the details.

Getting there: Enzo Guitars, to order call 9820656924, email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or visit the Facebook page here, starts at Rs 10,000 + material costs.

bpb Classifieds: Hot Jobs This Month
Thursday, 26 June 2014 10:50

bpb’s monthly listing of the hottest work opportunities in Mumbai. Know of a cool job opening? Send us an email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll list it!

Volte Gallery one of India's premier galleries is gearing up with a new space, a new format and large-scale events. A challenging opportunity in the field of Marketing & PR ; Volte is looking for someone who can: organize exciting events, develop campaigns and initiatives, corporate tie-ups, media and business development and participate in various international art fairs. The compensation package is attractive. Kindly contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if interested.

BookMyShow is looking for a Graphic Designer who should be able to work on Mac OSX, Windows and different softwares: adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, flash, adobe acrobat professional. Looking for a degree in Graphic Design, Marketing, Art, or a related field, or equivalent field experience. Must be fluent in English, detail oriented, flexible, self-motivated and keen about meeting deadlines. For more details see here

NDTV is looking to fill an Associate/ News Editor position. Job role includes writing news stories and original content for their website, ideating on headlines, display and active research. Looking for someone with graduate/ postgraduate education. Those interested can apply via the company website, here.

Please-See is a boutique creative agency and is looking  to fill the following positions:

Junior Web Designer:

Fluent in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop with an understanding of responsive design and knowledge of Flash. You will work with the team to create visual identities for brands and be accountable to design digital art and interactive banners for multiple brands. Looking for individuals with 2+ years of experience in a design or creative firm.

Account Manager:

Looking for someone with the ability to maintain client relations, build strategies and manage all timelines for deliverables. You will be responsible for working with creative teams to make each brands vision come to life. Excellent communication, strategic thinking and a seriously determined attitude are what you need.

Creative Designer:

Fluent in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and keen on working

with teams to develop visual design solutions for brands across industries. Must posses the ability to create artwork and final production files, with at least 2 years of experience in a design or creative firm

Social Media expert:

Looking for someone who can conceptualize and implement

innovative strategies for clients across industries. If you have an ability to create a brands social dimension, build customer engagement across platforms and have 3+ years experience in social and digital media, please apply.

Please send your resumes to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Teach For India is looking for a Graphic Designer to conceptualise and execute campaigns along with the Communications team and design all marketing and communication materials for Teach For India. The Graphic Designer will be responsible for the design of campaigns, events, the website, social media campaigns, merchandise and collateral. Click here to apply


Get A Sports Massage from HEAL Institute
Thursday, 19 June 2014 18:53

What: Get a sports massage at The HEAL Institute High Performance Facility 1st Floor Parel, opposite Motilal Oswal Towers, Gokhale Road, Dighe Nagar, Parel (W), call 24302607 for an appointment, visit, Rs 1,500. 

Why: The sports masseur who has kneaded Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh Khan, The Mumbai Indians and Sajjan Jindal, can now do you. Operating out of HEAL, a sports medicine and high performance facility, Arun Kanade specialises in sports massages that are meant to keep the body in better condition, prevent injuries and loss of mobility. While they are geared towards athletes, we’re told that anyone who works out or plays a sport will benefit from this. And in case you haven’t been, The Heal (founded by Shayamal Vallabhjee who is also Puma’s official sports scientist) even has a fitness training centre, treatment room and learning room.

When: You want a stroke of genius.

ChotuChaiWala: Tea To Your Desk
Wednesday, 18 June 2014 11:23


Picture this.  It’s pouring outside and you've forgotten your umbrella. You've already turned a few expletives into hashtags on your way to work. You finally manage to reach the office, cold and sniffling in the blast of the air conditioner.

A cup of piping hot tea would really sort you out right about now, but it's still pouring outside. Enter ChotuChaiWala, a web based platform that lets you subscribe to your local tea vendor and even ensures it gets delivered to your desk.

(Tea)Pot Heads

An initiative by Zepo, an e-commerce development platform, ChotuChaiWala is an attempt to test whether an unorganized sector of the Indian market can be translated to an online model, says Varun K R, a marketing executive there.

It definitely took some amount of convincing he says, with vendors unable to understand the concept and grasp what it could do for their business. So far the portal hosts four chaiwalas in the Bandra west area, while expansion to BKC and other parts of the suburb are in the pipeline.

How You Can Use ChotuChaiWala

If your live/ work in Bandra and want chai delivered to you everyday, sign up on their website, and subscribe to one of the vendor’s packages- all reasonably priced, each lasting a week to a month.

Zepo tells us that the chai gets delivered every evening, between 3-5pm in signature chotuchaiwala cups. And the best part? The profits go straight to the  tea vendors.

Tea for two, indeed.

ChotuChaiWala also has plans of broadening their menus to include savoury items and coffee and even slowly extending to Lower Parel, South Mumbai and maybe Delhi.

A sip-er idea, this!

Getting, see their website here, Rs 280 for a month's subscription. Delivery in Bandra (W) only.

Chopper(s) Stop: Uber Does Helicopters on Demand
Thursday, 12 June 2014 11:18


Attention all space cadets!

In partnership with Deccan Air, Uber is offering a super cool service called UberCHOPPER this Sunday on June 15, that will get you an aerial tour of the city’s iconic places via helicopter, as well as a door to door car service to transport you to the helipad! And at Rs 4,999 for two people, it sounds like a fun and affordable Father’s Day present.

Just choose the Request Chopper option on the Uber app, and you will get a call to confirm your booking. This service is being offered only this Sunday with limited availbilty, and the blog says “you may have to try a few times before you can get a ride.” So be prepared for rejection or book quickly.

Chop, chop(per)!

Getting There: Download the UBER app and select the Request Chopper option to book, rides start on Sunday, 15th June, each request is for two people, Rs 4999 for 2 people (inclusive of door-to-door car service).


Sponsored: Airbnb’s Prettiest Stays in India & Abroad
Monday, 09 June 2014 11:58

Sponsored: Airbnb’s Prettiest Stays in India & Abroad

Sponsored: Airbnb’s Prettiest Stays in India & Abroad

***This post is sponsored by Airbnb***

A Mumbai-based friend with an infectious smile and itchy feet, recently put up an Instagram picture of a lovely loft saying “our home in New York”. The “our home” in this case turned out to be a loft rented out through Airbnb, one that immediately made her feel at home in the big bad city.

And that’s why we love travelling with Airbnb, a community platform that allows you to list, discover and book interesting accommodations in India and around the world. Besides regular homes that well, make you feel at home, Airbnb also lets you rent tree houses, beach houses, houses in abandoned train bogeys, ridiculously fancy villas, plus cottages where the host teaches you how to make pastries. And that’s the icing on top of your vacation!

Psst:  Sign up on Airbnb using bpb's referral link and get USD 25 (or INR 1482) off on your first booking! Make your own or book using bpb’s referral link.

Travelling soon? Of course you are! See below for our favourite Airbnb properties:

Farmhouse in Alibaag: A farmhouse in Alibaag, it features three cottages including a yummy all-glass one and green swimming pool worthy of the most sultry summer.

Cabin in Carinthia in Austria: Your very own cabin in the woods. Great for writers and loners.

Tree House in Shimla: Perfect for social climbers!

Casa Vacanze in Italy: For the most ridiculous view! Also see other best Airbnb views here.

Artist Loft in New York: A yogi and writer called Roo Howar will be your host at this Brooklyn pad. Om sweet om!

Orient Train Carriage in Australia: When you literally want to go off the beaten track. Live in an old train carriage.

Nanuku Island in Fiji: Because you can book your own private 10 acre island at just Rs 29,000 a night. Not so pricey if you split with a group. Plus, it’s gorgeous!

Home From Home in London: With sloping roofs, it sits on top of a Victorian home.

House + Pastry Class in France: This Rhone-Alps home + pool comes with a host who teaches pastry classes if you ask nicely.

#Contest: bpb is giving away three lucky people Airbnb vouchers worth Rs 10,000 each. View our Twitter feed (@bpbmumbai) on Friday, June 13 for more!

Getting there: Visit , like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. See property wish list here. And if you’ve never used Airbnb this video might make you want to!

***This post is sponsored by Airbnb***

bpb Classifieds: Hot Jobs This Month
Wednesday, 04 June 2014 10:20


bpb’s monthly listing of the hottest work opportunities in Mumbai. Know of a cool job opening? Send us an email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll list it!


The Vault is a collective of imported spirits and is a platform for fine spirits experiences. They are looking for a  brand ambassador, a story teller, who has a passion for fine spirits and food. Applicants must be above 25 years of age and based out of Mumbai. Effective presentation skills, an ability to soft sell and curate experiences are essential. The job can be part / full time based on experience and deliverables. Email resumes with photograph and a short write up to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Visit to discover more. is looking for a writer in Mumbai, to help expand BuzzFeed's presence in India. Participants will have to write, edit, and produce original posts for focused on Indian news and culture. For more details, see here.

Star India is looking for someone to join the Sports Programming team, with a relevant background and five years work experience. See more details, here.

Visa is looking for a Group Country Manager, India & South Asia to oversee aspects of revenue, payments goals, and strategy in these markets. Click here for qualifications and other details .

Unilever is looking for a Brand executive in Mumbai, with good project management skills, practical creativity and about 2-3 years work experience. To apply, click here. Last date for applications: June 5th, 2014.

bpb Mumbai is looking for an Administrative Executive to help with operations and logistics for the coup card and marketing. Interested candidates may apply by emailing CVs to   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Bandra Base Extends To Andheri
Friday, 30 May 2014 11:52

What: Bandra Base extends- Andheri Base opens at Sharyans-Audeus, Hard Rock Cafe building, Link Road (Fun Republic Lane), Andheri (W), view their Facebook page here

Why: Because The Bandra Base has saved us on many whatshouldwetoday nights, with poetry readings by Javed Akhtar, and packed jazz nights. Setting up club in a new suburb, Andheri Base is a larger space and will host short-term courses, master classes, a film club, dance and live music nights. Head over for their first event on the May 31, RaSa - a salsa social with free entry!

When: You need an encore. Opens on May 31, 8-10 pm, call 30916003 to register.

Truefitt & Hill: Groom Room For Men
Tuesday, 27 May 2014 11:17


Get your main men together in a room, buy cigars, discuss work and…get a pedicure?

This is the VIP room at Truefitt & Hill, a men’s salon from the UK (just opened in Khar, to launch in Colaba in a fortnight) that sells luxury grooming products and services. With an ‘Est 1805’ in its logo, they claim to be the oldest barbershop, having made wigs for King George III by royal appointment, and even groomed men on board the Titanic. We showed a keel interest, obviously.

Yesterday afternoon, the only boy at the bpb office – KD – was packed off to get a shave and a haircut at this newly opened salon at Linking Road, Khar. The space, considering its history, is how you would imagine it with antique phones, a typewriter, lots of wood and old barber chairs.  One side has a case of cigars (Habana, Monte Cristo, Romeo y Julieta) for sale and also a Barker Shoes rack. There’s a narrow waiting area, and the abovementioned VIP room that you can book with your business associates to get a crop while you talk shop. Seriously!


KD decided to get a shave while he admired the gold razors on sale that cost a cool Rs 6,000. The shave with three different types of razors was “elaborate and relaxing” and sure it included a whole bunch of warm towel-gel-massage-apricot scrub-balm rituals that totaled up to 45 minutes, but at Rs 1,700, it’s so, so overpriced. He also got a haircut, one that could take him from day to night with a clay based wax they recommended he purchase. He was quite pleased with his haircut, which included a hair wash with their in-house products, and at Rs 1,200 it wasn’t as pricey as the shave.You can also get mani pedis and a head massage here.

After hopping off the barber’s chair, KD scanned the showcase to see what goodies are available to take back. Considering he was the first customer since they opened yesterday, he was fussed over, with attendants nearby eager to recommend. Here’s what suggested he buy on his next visit:

Razors: Wellington Razor (FUSION) - Rs.8,330, Carlton Mach III Handmade Razor - Rs. 5780,Wellington Double Edged Razor - Rs. 6370.

Skin Maintenance: Advanced Facial Moisturiser- Rs. 2,550, Daily Facial Cleanser- Rs.1,470, Invigorating bath and Shower scrub: Rs. 2,000

Hair Management: Frequent Use Shampoo; Rs. 1,600, Styling paste- Rs. 1,200, Texture Clay - Rs.1,200.

1805: 1805 Aftershave – Rs 4,000, 1805 Shaving Bowl- Rs. 3,000, 1805 Cologne- Rs. 4,200, 1805 Luxury Shaving Soap- Rs.2,000.

No.10: No.10 Cleansing Scrub- Rs.800, No.10 Finest shaving cream- Rs.800, No.10 Post Shave Cologne Balm - Rs.900

Getting there: Plot No 711, 1st Floor , Bharat Bhavan Building, Next To Anita Dongre Showroom, Linking Road, Khar (W), call 26484594; Unit No. 1&2, Regal Cinema, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, 22810098; Rs 1,200 for a haircut, Rs 1,700 for a shave. Visit

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own services.


Teekhii Chhurii: Blade Runner!
Friday, 23 May 2014 11:51

What: Pretty designs made from a single paper and blade by Teekhii Chhurii, view her Facebook page here, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to place an order, Rs 6,500 for personalised design, Rs 2,500 for a pre-designed order, ships across India and worldwide.

Why: Attention, there’s a new blade runner in town! Pooja Ajmera runs Teekhii Chhurrii out of her home in Mumbai where she does intricate paper designs and cutting with a single piece of paper, a sharp blade, lots of patience and what we can only assume, a bunch of band aids. She currently sells ready pieces and does personalised designs, apart from conducting papercutting workshops in different cities. Pretty sharp, eh?

When: You need to cut to the chase.

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