This Christmas Eve, Smoke Up!
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 09:42

For all you un-jolly folk that want to escape the holiday-party madness of Pune this year, we’ve got a plan – come, meat the elves.

High on Travel along with the happy campers at Big Red Tent is organising an overnight barbeque festival on Christmas eve, at a lake-side, fully equipped camping ground a couple of hours from Pune, off the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Here you’ll find barbeque experts, pitched tents and yes, proper loos.

All Grills Attached

Guided by not just three but five wise men including Chef Anish Rai, Corporate Chef of the Barbeque Nation chain and his team of four, you’ll begin with marinating veggies, paneer and meats and graduate to not only grilling them but also learning about the different aspects of barbeque, from gauging the amount of charcoal required to achieving the best texture for your Chicken teriyaki, paneer tikka and mutton steak (this apparently goes best with mushroom rosemary sauce, which will also be available at the site).

And if despite the expert guidance you end up burning your food, there’s always salad and dips for you to nosh on.

Silent Night?

Other activities will include hanging out around a big bonfire and crashing in pre-pitched tents big enough to fit Santa in, tricked out with sleeping bags, inflatable pillows and camping mattresses. If you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic, you can even take a trek around the area the next morning.

The food and equipment will be provided on site, so all you have to bring along is your overnight change and a bottle (or six) of your favorite wine. Santa hats are optional, but hey, come on, it’s Christmas.

Getting there: Visit for details and to book or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Rs 3,500 per adult and Rs 1,500 for kids.


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