Evolv: Luxury Concept Store

Darwin-win Situation

It's nice to see designers evolve and price tags regress. At Evolv, a spanking new multi-designer store at Phoenix Market City, super high-end designers collaborate on garments that are targeted to the youth and are therefore more affordable.

Along with usual fashion suspects


NH7 Weekender: What To Do


The NH7 Weekender music fest is coming to Laxmi Lawns, Pune this weekend where it will camp from November 18 to 20. Coming with them is a bevy of cool music artists including Grammy-award winning singers and musicians, interesting product vendors and yum treats. Don't have three entire


This One Time at Art Camp

Let someone else paint the town red this month. Take your palette and set off instead for Serenity, a work-in-progress eco villa community in Mahagaon, 100 kilometres from Pune. Here, artists from around the world will be participating in a three-week Art in Nature residency program starting


Three Ways Meet: Best of the Web
Tuesday, 05 November 2013 12:12

In this weekly column, filmmaker Danish Aslam will be your purveyor of the finest quality random facts, useless trivia and other esoterica from the world wide web. He lives mostly behind a keyboard and may or may not be a wizened old green man who speaks in grammatically incorrect aphorisms. You can find more on his home page http://pictually.me/dontpanic

Facebook Is Disneyland

Welcome back. Now that the holiday hangovers are firmly in place and the holiday weight is not-so-firmly jiggling away, it’s time to return to the real world of the workplace. Which, if you were working in Facebook’s Menlo Park HQ , may not be such a bad thing. Inspired by Disneyland, this is a small, hidden town, complete with a main street (like Disney), plazas, 9 restaurants, a bank, a barber, a video arcade and garages that host temporary offices for hacking projects. And thanks to Business Insider, you get to see what it looks like while putting up yet another Calvin & Hobbes witticism on your cubicle wall.

PS: If that wasn’t enough to ignite a severe case of cubicle-rage, here’s another one: YouTube’s San Bruno HQ ,which contains a full-length lap pool and you can bring your dogs to work!

25 Websites That Make You Cleverer

If you need anymore proof that the internet is a good thing (apart from great office spaces), here’s proof that it can also make you smarter. Well, maybe not proof exactly. More like the possibility exists, if you like to utilise it. Reddit or amazingthing has put up a list of 25 websites that make you cleverer. Ranging from sites that help you learn languages to ones that help you learn the guitar, this is a resource that should be immediately bookmarked in a glorious flash of feeling good about oneself and then forgotten for years in a corner of your already massive bookmark folder under the heading of ‘Sites To Explore Because They’re Good For You”.

The Mechanics Of A Car Engine

And keeping with the theme of learning new things, if there’s one thing that pretty much all of us use every day and know next to nothing of the inner workings of, it’s the not-so-humble (unless you drive a Nano) automobile. And not to imply that we should all know the difference between a cam gear and a camshaft, but this beautiful gif designed by Jacob O’Neal might make that distinction a little more interesting to learn.

Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Appreciation

Cars & bikes are, as I’ve said before, not really my thing. But the appreciation of them as objects of beauty is something that cannot be denied. Especially the eternal romance associated with riding a bike. And I don’t mean romance in the park-the-bike-at-Reclamation-and-make-out sense of the word. The visual here is more of one man (or woman), their bike of choice and a long, scenic highway with the wind in your hair for endless miles (somehow endless kilometres doesn’t quite have the same ring to it). And so, I present to you, the 50 most iconic bikes in motorcycling history . At least, according to Gear Patrol. Although any list that has the Ducati 916 followed by the Honda Super Cub as the first two entries has got to be pretty damn extensive.

Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

Beautiful things. That’s the segue here, except now I’d like to direct your gaze towards the scenery that’s whizzing by while you ride that highway in the hills. More specifically, nature. And this list of the some of the best entries from the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year competition. Created by the Natural History Museum & BBC Worldwide, the selected photos are on exhibit in Natural History Museum in London till March 2014, in case anybody feels like making the trip. There are some beautiful images here, along with the story of how they were captured. My favourite: Greg du Toit’s ghostly image of the African elephants. Most excellent.

The Concert At The Table

And here’s one final example of something beautiful. Although this is a deviation from the imagery of the natural world. German rock band Radeke created this video called Tischkonzert or Table Concert, a performance that has gone viral. Consisting only of the 6 band members sitting around a table, the song involves them using just their voices, some empty beer bottles and said table. And the result is astounding. Great tune and great improvisation….just don’t try and find out what the lyrics mean.

Event Round-up: December 24 - 31
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 19:04

December 24: Christmas Eve dinner with mulled wine, The Westin Pune, Koregaon Park, 67210000, Rs 1,200 excluding taxes.

December 24: DJ Amely (Ukraine)- Electro house, Hard Rock Café, Pyramid Complex, Koregaon Park, 67258888, 8 pm, Rs 1,500.

December 24 – 25: 5th Annual Pune Wine Tasting Festival, Rohi Villa Palace, Pingale Nagar, Koregaon Park, 8806005050, 11.30 am onwards.

December 25: DJ Caroline Banx + DJ Deep, 1 Lounge, Koregaon Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park, 9561090264, 8 pm.

December 26: : Band on a Bus with Bay Beat Collective- Bus ride from Mumbai via Pune to Goa for the Sunburn festival organised by White Collar Hippie, 9930260748 , email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , visit Facebook event page for more details.

December 31: New Year’s Eve party, Sky Bar & Grill, ICC Trade Tower, Senapati Bapat Road, 9922907205.

December 31: DJ Vicky, Hard Rock Café, Pyramid Complex, Koregaon Park, 67258888, 8 pm.

Event Round-up: December 16 - 18
Thursday, 15 December 2011 18:26

December 16:  Axetortion – Daniel Rego,Vinay Lobo & Chandresh Kudwa, High Spirits, 35A1 North Main Road, Koregaon Park, 9 pm.

December 16: DJ Pawas (Germany) & DJ Cawas, Swig, North Main Road, Opposite SBI Bank, Koregaon Park, 8.30 pm.

December 16: Afternoon Blast with DJ Ameet and DJ Nash, 322 Amba Complex, 1st & 2nd floor, M G Road, 66012011, 1 pm.

December 16: The House Mechanics (UK), 1 Lounge, Koregaon Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park, 40477777, 7.30 pm.

December 16: DJ Sunny – Pop and rock, Not Just Jazz By The Bay, E-Square, 132-A, University Road, Ganeshkhind Road, 8 pm.

December 16: DJ AJ, Spice Island, Le Meridian, R.B.M Road, 8 pm.

December 17: VDJ Tashi – Hip-hop, 1 Lounge, Koregaon Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park, 40477777, 8 pm.

December 18: That Cold Fcuker, High Spirits, 35A1 North Main Road, Koregaon Park, 9 pm.

December 18: 6th Sense - Painting Exhibition, Art2Day, Samarth, 1048, Near Hirabaug Chowk, Tilak Road.

This Christmas Eve, Smoke Up!
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 09:42

For all you un-jolly folk that want to escape the holiday-party madness of Pune this year, we’ve got a plan – come, meat the elves.

High on Travel along with the happy campers at Big Red Tent is organising an overnight barbeque festival on Christmas eve, at a lake-side, fully equipped camping ground a couple of hours from Pune, off the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Here you’ll find barbeque experts, pitched tents and yes, proper loos.

All Grills Attached

Guided by not just three but five wise men including Chef Anish Rai, Corporate Chef of the Barbeque Nation chain and his team of four, you’ll begin with marinating veggies, paneer and meats and graduate to not only grilling them but also learning about the different aspects of barbeque, from gauging the amount of charcoal required to achieving the best texture for your Chicken teriyaki, paneer tikka and mutton steak (this apparently goes best with mushroom rosemary sauce, which will also be available at the site).

And if despite the expert guidance you end up burning your food, there’s always salad and dips for you to nosh on.

Silent Night?

Other activities will include hanging out around a big bonfire and crashing in pre-pitched tents big enough to fit Santa in, tricked out with sleeping bags, inflatable pillows and camping mattresses. If you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic, you can even take a trek around the area the next morning.

The food and equipment will be provided on site, so all you have to bring along is your overnight change and a bottle (or six) of your favorite wine. Santa hats are optional, but hey, come on, it’s Christmas.

Getting there: Visit http://www.highontravel.com/bbq-fest-details/ for details and to book or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Rs 3,500 per adult and Rs 1,500 for kids.

Event Round-up: December 9 – 11
Thursday, 08 December 2011 18:04

December 9: DJ Nawed Khan, Mi A Mi, Pune Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre, 66833333, 9.30 pm, Rs 2,000/couple.

December 9: Quirkboxx launches Dream Factory + Dualist performance, Swig, North Main Road, opposite SBI Bank, Koregaon Park, 26150081, 8 pm.

December 9: Arjun Vagale (Jalebee Cartel) live at 1 Lounge, 81/1, Koregaon Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park, 32340001, 8.30 pm.

December 9: DJ Ivan’s Videotheque, Ouzos, Lane 7, Koregaon Park, Pune, 26109191, 8 pm.

December 9: Para Vayu plays tribute to The Doors, High Spirits, 35A1 North Main Road, Koregaon Park,  9765988742, 8.30 pm.

December 9: Hard Kaur (Live), Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, plot no. 15, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, MIDC, Hinjawadi, 22934304, 7 pm.

December 10: Sivamani (Live), Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, plot no. 15, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, MIDC, Hinjawadi, 22934304, 7 pm.

December 10:  Apache Indian (Live), Pancard Clubs, Baner Hills, Baner Road, Aundh , 66035000, 9 pm.

December 11: Lucy Swann + Droolian (Norway), High Spirits, 35 A1 North Main Road, Koregaon Park, 9765988742, 9 pm.

Evolv: Luxury Concept Store
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 19:31

Darwin-win Situation

It's nice to see designers evolve and price tags regress. At Evolv, a spanking new multi-designer store at Phoenix Market City, super high-end designers collaborate on garments that are targeted to the youth and are therefore more affordable.

Along with usual fashion suspects - Manish Arora, Rohit Bal, Rajesh Pratap and Namrata Joshipura - Evolv also stocks fun brands like Melissa (love those Melissa heels!), Skullcandy, Suhanie Pittie and Play Clan. These creations are housed in a vibrant 850 sq. ft. space where walls are pasted with fun pencil and scissor graphics. Interestingly, the clothes are sorted by colour scheme rather than label, making it easier to browse. Somewhere over the rainbow we found a red Gaurav Gupta dress for Rs 6,000!

Still suspicious, haan? Need another way to look at the situation? Read it backwards and 'Evolv' turns into 'V love'. Did you notice?

Getting there: Evolv Luxury Concept Store, Phoenix Market City, Nagar Road, Rs 6,500 for a pair of Melissa heels.

Froguru In Koregaon Park
Monday, 05 December 2011 19:57

Prey on This

In Koregaon Park, an area dominated by spiritual seekers and culinary crawlers, a newish entrant tries to combine both. At least in its moniker.  Froguru, a frozen yoghurt store at Lane No 7 dishes out ‘prasad’ in the form of fun yoghurt flavours. Regular or soul grain?

In the face of neighbourhood fro-yo store Cravingz’ 150-strong flavour menu, Froguru’s is super skinny, but it does feature interesting varieties like brownie batter (yum!) and fig-honey, and also the usual single fruit flavours. These you can jazz up with fruit, biscuit crumble, chocolate sauce, choco chips and other fun toppings. There are also smoothies or 'froothies' , made using yoghurt and fresh fruit of your choice.

For a froguru dakshina of Rs 35, you can get a small cup, while Rs 50 will get you a larger blessing. While you decide which one to go with, know this - bless is more!

Getting there: Froguru, shop No. 4, Gulmohar Garden, Lane 7, Koregaon Park, call 32343759, Rs 50 for a small yoghurt.


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