Sponsored: Havaianas Pop Up At Bombay Shirt Company
Monday, 24 November 2014 11:46

***This post is sponsored by Havaianas***

This month, your feet will get a big kick out of the fact that Havaianas has set up its first pop up store at Kalaghoda!

The Brazilian flipflop brand will be retailing all this month at the handsome Bombay Shirt Company shop until December 25. Feet, shuffle along to see Havaianas debut their 2015 collection for men and women, one that comes in all the colours your heart desires.

Look for the new Flat style that combines the brand’s signature textured footbed with lightning bolts of metallic straps. Meanwhile, the Top and Slim variants for men and women feature fun prints. See particularly the pink pair with origami crane print; the shaded sunset beige-green pair with jelly straps and the lime green ones with gold metallic straps.

Buy a pair and team with Goa’s beach season or that music festival that’s queued up on your playlist.

Is that a skip in your step we see?

Getting there: Havaianas  Pop Up from November 24, 2014 to December 25, 2014 at The Bombay Shirt Company, no 3, ground floor, Sassoon Building, Rope Walk Lane, Kala Ghoda, Fort, call 40043455., see Facebook page here, follow them on Twitter @HavaianasIndia, start at Rs 980 onwards.

***This post is sponsored by Havaianas*** Math Major Portions Your Food
Monday, 24 November 2014 10:41

Soft, jazz music plays in the background. You stand tall and proud, taking in the aromas wafting up from your masterpiece dish that’s on the stove. You stir proudly, and take a sip of single malt from a crystal glass, while you think up an inventive plating option.

Sounds like an ideal cooking scenario? Yes!

Sounds familiar? Errr…not exactly?

Save Our Bowls

Then see, started by siblings Chirag and Sneha Arya, with engineering and mathematics backgrounds respectively, which is a carefully calculated venture that delivers the exact portions of ingredients + recipe required to make one dish.

Sign up on the iChef website and choose from their six featured recipes of the fortnight. Place your order, and hours later (last order for same day delivery is 1 pm), all the raw materials for a meal get sent to your home.

With the help of some young chefs from Trident Hotel and other food consultants, iChef has addressed basic cooking conundrums. “When you shop for a fancy, one off meal, you end up being stuck with large quantities of ingredients you probably won’t reuse,” explains Chirag, The iChef kit comes pre-packaged with exact quantities of what you need for your cook out, to ensure minimum wastage, and maximum taste.

“We try and pick a global recipe we’ve encountered on our travels, one that’s been really popular on Masterchef and other trending dishes to keep it current,” says Chirag, who will be introducing an African stew, based on his recent visit to South Africa.

Kitchen Confidential

Attempting to channel her inner Nigella, this writer sampled the Kung Pao Chicken Tacos and Basil Spinach Risotto kits last weekend. With small packets for all ingredients and simple, pictorial representations of what the dishes should look like at each step, the kits were easy to follow, attractively put together and came with super fresh ingredients.

What’s great is that apart from basic kitchen essentials like salt, pepper, cooking oil and a food processor, the kit doesn’t really demand too much from you or your cooking abilities.

Go on then, give a fork.

Getting there:, call 65680555 to place your order, deliveries all across Mumbai, prices start at Rs 250 for a meal for two, last order for same day delivery is taken at 1 pm.

Two New Lower Parel Restaurants
Monday, 24 November 2014 10:33

A new shift begins at the mills, with two Lower Parel restaurants -  Millk and Byblos – working night and day to open at the end of this month. The former houses a café, kids’ center, spa and salon while the latter will be serving African and Arab-inspired cuisine.

Got Millk?

If you spot us noshing on a waffle sandwich, treating ourselves to a massage, and rounding it off with detox tea, then we’re probably at Millk. Taking the name from its location (Kamla ‘mill’s) and the owner, Karishma’s first initial, it also fits with the children angle. Here, you can eat at the main café, which predictably serves burgers, sandwiches, salads (think Citrus, Caesar and Feta and Beetroot), sweet and savoury waffles and crepes, pasta, khow suey and a range of milkshakes. There’s also the option of dining at the spa, with healthier food like kale smoothies, baked chips, low-fat dips and detox teas and waters. And for the kids, there’s a special menu and also a section where they can cook their own meals supervised by a professional.

Millk is opening in the first week of December at Kamala Mills, next to Please Don’t Tell, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel.


We’re told that our first meal at Byblos starts off with a bit of trickery (spoiler alert): a bread basket and a candle will be brought to the table, but turns out the candle is really just a dip for baguettes with a soya wick that melts as soon as the server lights it. Neat! A new dining spot in Phoenix Mills, Byblos begins with sister duo, Vidhi and Nidhi Behl who head the kitchen and the management respectively.

Playing to its Arab and African-inspired food, the décor bears strong streaks of gold and copper mingled in with earthy brown. The food features dishes like African Spiced Tandoori Chicken, Jalapeno Oil Prawns, Baby Lamb Shawarma and Peri Peri Rock Corn with Bacon Dust. And for the herbivores there’s a Mushroom Biryani, Jalapeno Popper Sandwich and a Mustard and Sriracha ice cream, which reveals a Turkish eggplant dish beneath.

You’ll unearth it soon enough!

Opening on November 28 at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel.

How To Be a Professional Gamer
Monday, 24 November 2014 09:53

Meet Bhavesh Nachnani. He’s almost 28 and works in sales at a German company. On his table you’ll see an MBA degree, but also a bronze medal in gaming from the Asia E-Sports Championship that he acquired in 2012.

An unlikely candidate to be a professional gamer (he doesn’t tick any cliches – teenager, tattoos, unemployed – in our heads), we spoke to many like Bhavesh, a thought spurred on by last week’s launch of MTS’s first multi-player gaming platform for India, Game God, to find out what’s it’s like to be a professional gamer, how gaming has grown in India and how you can get there, even though you’re not a kid with afternoons to waste away at a gaming zone.

A gamer for the last nine years, Bhavesh says age is just a number. While he has seen working professionals in their 20s and 30s turn pro gamers, he still doesn’t feel like the scene in India allows you to quit your job for gaming. But the landscape is slowly changing, with a growing number of gamers, and companies like MTS  investing in the scene.

If ex-gamer, and gaming event organiser Ashwin Jain is to be believed, there is great potential in India and especially Mumbai. He started out with small tournaments where the top prize was a pair of headphones, or an optical mouse. Cut to September, 2014 where he put together the first edition of Mumbai Electronic Sports Championship with a bounty of Rs 1 lakh. “I was expecting anywhere between 300-400 gamers to show up since it was the first edition, which is why I was pleasantly surprised when 2,000 of them showed up,” says Ashwin. A second season is expected soon.

Girl Power (On/Off)

Gamer and freelance graphic designer in her early 30s, Dipika Jerome confirms this in her own small way, talking about how traffic to her gaming zone in Bandra, has more than doubled in the last year. We met her last Friday at Maximum Gaming, a space pasted with black wallpaper, decked with black computers, a random advertisement hanging on the pin-board reading ‘to protect your eyes during long hours of gaming, wear xx lenses’. Dingy? We thought so, but Dipika clarified, “the place should give the feel of a den,” suggesting that the darkness is actually by design. There were a bunch of people in their early twenties playing DOTA 2  (Defence Of The Ancients 2), while a teenager yelled at a man in his 30s, his team mate, “BEHIND YOU! BEHIND YOU!” Too late to respond, both of them were killed by terrorists. The kid was angry, it was game over for both gentlemen. Escape. New Game. Enter.

Who said you live only once?

Sponsored: Cocktail Cockamamie At The Daily
Friday, 21 November 2014 13:52

*** This post is sponsored by The Daily***

What: Cocktail Cockamamie at The Daily, ground floor, behind Shopper’s Stop, SV Road, Bandra (W), call 9920446633, Rs 250 + taxes for a cocktail with premium alcohol.

Why: If The Daily was to make a behind-the-scenes video of their latest offering, Cocktail Cockamamie, you would see mixologist Eluther Gomes hunched over a tables  full of intriguing ingredients including aloe vera, avocado, bacon infused vodka, wine reduction, paan liqueur, peppercorn, candy floss, carrot juice. These, he mixed, muddled, shook and stirred with premium alcohol and turned  into fifty delicious cocktails  that you can buy at The Daily for just Rs 250 each! “The idea was to give people a chance to get acquainted with and experience new cocktails at an affordable price, but without any compromises,” says owner Dishant Pritamani. Go and try the Candylicious, Ballroom Blitz, Newton’s Apple, Secret Crush, Lock N Load.

When: Sunday to Wednesday, until mid-December, 7 pm – 1 am.

*** This post is sponsored by The Daily***

Riffreel Turns Your Clips Into A Video
Friday, 21 November 2014 11:25

What: Surrender your GoPro and iPhone clips to riffreel and they’ll use them to tell a story, check their Facebook page here, each video costs Rs 1,800.

Why: You’ve just captured some cool footage on your scuba diving trip to the Andamans, but don’t know what to do with it? Hand it over to the guys at riffreel and they’ll sift through your clips, edit it and add a soundtrack to create a fun story. They’ll even work with footage from smart phones and GoPros.

When: You want clip art.

bpb Buy: Cotton Candy Maker For Your Kitchen
Friday, 21 November 2014 11:19

What: Cotton Candy Maker by Nostalgia on, Rs 5,995.

Why: Coiffe pink clouds in your kitchen with this adorable cotton candy machine that turns bad days into fun fairs. It comes with two plastic cones and a sugar scoop (sugar not included) and is a great alternate to that microwave you were going to gift your just-married friend.

When: Now. It’s important to floss daily.

Jam by UpStreet
Friday, 21 November 2014 10:59

What: Christmas flavoured jam by UpStreet, call 9960453453 to place an order, check their Facebook page here, jars cost Rs 180 for 125 grams.

Why: Pucker your lips for what we found under an early mistletoe this week –Christmas flavoured jam, a handmade blend of plum, port and walnuts. Ordered from the newly launched UpStreet, a label by two food writers who do a range of flavoured, no-preservative jams and butter. The Christmas version tastes exactly like it sounds - a sweet, festive (could be boozier) spread for waffles, morning toast or cold cuts.  Our butter knives also dipped into the slick and delicious Basilico, a basil, garlic and parmesan butter (slather on grilled prawns) and the Bella, a jar of roasted bell pepper and jalapeno butter. White wine and strawberry jam and fluffy orange butter are works in progress at UpStreet.

When: You need to make a spreadsheet.

Sponsored: PVR LIVE - Event Cinema In Your City
Friday, 21 November 2014 10:51

***This post is sponsored by PVR LIVE***

Never seen Queen in concert? Missed watching Swan Lake last time you were in New York? London’s too much of a trek to catch something from the Royal Shakespeare Company?

The only way to stop missing out is to track PVR LIVE. What? We’ll just get straight to the (en) pointe.

PVR’s newest division, PVR LIVE brings event cinema to Indian cities, reserving Sundays (with repeats the following Saturday) for screenings of awesome musicals, Broadway shows, theatre, ballet performances, music concerts and exhibition films from around the world!

Since its launch in September, shows have featured both local and international content including Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake in 3D, AIB’s Royal Turds, Pretentious Nights and the One Direction – Where We Are concert film. Perfect for those looking to do more than brunch and bum around on Sundays.

Tutus & Talent in November 

If you’re planning the rest of the month, be sure to pencil these in.

November 23: Royal Shakespeare Company’s Richard II

This will be the first ever cinema screening in India capturing the stage of the Royal Shakespeare Ccompany (RSC)! A play about a man ordained by God to lead his people, but also about human weakness and vanity, Richard II sounds like introspection with popcorn. This particular RSC production opened to a slew of awesome reviews, with The Guardian calling it “a beautifully crafted, richly detailed production”.

Repeat screening on November 29.

November 30: Moulin Rouge – The Ballet

“I am willing to bet that this show, which played to sold-out houses in Ottawa, will continue to wow audiences wherever it tours,” said Le Droit. And touring it is now in Mumbai through PVR Live, a production by Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet. A graceful rendition of the Moulin Rouge cabaret, we can’t wait to be at this one.

Repeat screening on December 6.

Getting there: PVR LIVE tickets and schedule available on, view the Facebook page here. Tickets start at Rs 300.

A Penthouse For Your Party?
Thursday, 20 November 2014 20:08

What: Rent Monica Chudasama Vaziralli’s Penthouse Terrace, 8th floor penthouse, Oricon House, K Dubash Marg, same building as Kaya Skin Clinic, call Deepak on 9769836640 for inquiries, location scout and price details by appointment only.

Why: An 8th floor penthouse in Kala Ghoda with a 2,500 square feet terrace, ghosts of previous pretty parties and a view of Prince of Wales Museum, is yours if you want it. For a price and one night only! To be or not to be Gatsby?

Owned by Monica Chudasama Vaziralli, famous for her soirees and often spotted on Page 3, this plush pad is rented out for parties and shoots. The terrace wraps around the building and is attached to a 1,500 square feet living room and dining hall that can also be used. Fits 120 party people (swinging of hands while dancing is accounted for in the space).

When: Now. Better safe than soiree.

Art In The Park
Thursday, 20 November 2014 19:49


What: Art in the Park, an art and culture festival at Priyadarshini Park, Nepeansea Road, between 4 pm to 10 pm, free entry.

Why: First you cribbed that Mumbai has no parks. Then you found a park, stood under a tree, and looked at your phone the entire time. That’s not what Davies’ ‘stand and stare’ meant, you know. Take some time off from your gadgets this weekend to walk through Art in the Park, a festival at PDP that will feature music performances by tabla expert Anuradha Pal and musician Aditya Kalyanpur; exhibits by students of the JJ School of Art and Raheja School of Arts; pottery and book readings for kids.

When: Garden State from November 22-23.

Event Round Up: Nov 21-23
Thursday, 20 November 2014 18:25

Nov 21: Grammy-winner DJ Afrojack live at Sardar Vallabhai Patel Stadium, NSCI, Lala Lajpat Rai Marg, Worli, 5 pm onwards, Rs 2,500 onwards, book tickets here.

Nov 21: Listen to Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan as he takes the stage in aid for Kashmir Flood Relief Fund at Shanmukhananda Hall, Comrade Harbanslal Marg, Sion, 7 pm onwards, Rs 499 onwards, book tickets here.

Nov 21: Join photographer, Meenal Jain on Staged Backstage as she chats about why she prefers back stage than the actual show at Kitab Khana, Somaiya Bhavan, ground floor, 45/47, M G Road, Fountain, Fort, 5.30 pm onwards, to register send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 983331473, entry free.

Nov 21: They Are Really Funny People featuring a comic line-up including Kunaal Roy Kapur, Kunal Kamra among others. Café Nemo, 329/A Thadani House, opposite Indian Coast Guard, Worli Village, Worli, 8.30 pm onwards, Rs 300, for more information click here.

Nov 21-23: NH7 Weekender, Pune’s line-up includes Amit Trivedi, The Vaccines, Voctronica along with the weekender regulars like Sky Harbor, Indian Ocean, Bhayanak Maut, Monica Dogra, near Magarpatta City, Hadapsar-Khadari bypass, Hadapsar, Pune, Rs 2,250 onwards, book tickets here.

Nov 21-23: Long Island Iced Tea will be available for special prices throughout the month as a part of the LIIT Festival at Hard Rock Café, ground floor, opposite Yashraj Studios, Andheri (W), noon onwards, view their Facebook page here, entry free.

Nov 21-23: Head to an exhibition displaying the works of London-based Nepali artist Govind Sah ‘Azad’ at Volte Art Gallery, 202, Sumer Kendra, PB Marg, Worli, 11 am onwards, free entry.

Nov 22-23: Karen Anand’s Farmers Market featuring pop ups like Waffle House, Raw Pressery, Meal Tango and music from Chris n Mike. The Courtyard, High Street Phoenix, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, noon onwards, entry free.

Nov 22-23: World For All Animal Adoptions has brought back ADOPT-A-THON for 2014 where you an adopt a pet. Homeopathy Institute, next to Alfa, opp. Cooper Hospital, Vile Parle (W), 10 am onwards, entry fee – Rs 50, interested adopter must carry ID and address proof.

Nov 22-23: Uttarkhand’s folk music, African string and mystic songs, sufi qawwali and Baul Sangeet from Bengal at Ruhaniyat, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, D N Road, Fort, 6.30 pm onwards, for more information call 28260674 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Nov 23: Catch the screening of Richard II as performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company at PVR (Goregaon, Juhu, Lower Parel), 6.45 pm onwards, Rs 300 onwards (Goregaon), Rs 300 (Juhu), and Rs 500 onwards (Lower Parel), book tickets here.

What's Up With Mumbai's Rooftops?
Thursday, 20 November 2014 11:09

Floating high above the traffic you’re currently navigating – Bombay, you beast! – are four rooftops where new plans are brewing. One invites you for yoga by the sea, another lets you have parties on a socialite’s penthouse terrace, while you huddle around a vegetable garden with fellow farmers on a flyover farm, yelling “winter is coming.”

I Am Alchemy: A Sea Facing Terrace To Exercise

Launching on November 25, I Am Alchemy is a 200 square feet Khar terrace with a view of the sea, the shade of palm trees and the sound of wind chimes. Here, kickboxing coach Farooq Mistry, yoga teacher Sunaina Rekhi and meditation master Mark Luburic will take small batch classes and be the start of founder Harpreet Singh’s “fitness community”. Ex marketing at Vh1 and MTV, Harpreet had this idea when he quit his job and moved to the mountains for three months. “Living in a village called Bhagsu, where people from all over the world taught all kinds of things, was like the MBA my dad always wanted me to do.”

Plans to expand I Am Alchemy include a new line of juices and fitness food.

Getting there: 20th Road, Khar West (full address will be updated as soon as the space opens), call 9820715063 to register, see the schedule of classes on the Facebook page here.

Monica Chudasama Vaziralli’s Penthouse Terrace: Rent For Your Next Party

An 8th floor penthouse in Kala Ghoda with a 2,500 square feet terrace, ghosts of previous pretty parties and a view of Prince of Wales Museum, is yours if you want it. For a price and one night only. To be or not to Gatsby? 

Owned by Monica Chudasama Vaziralli, famous for her soirees and often spotted on Page 3, this plush pad is rented out for parties and shoots, and was last seen in an ICICI commercial starring Amitabh Bachchan. The terrace wraps around the building and is attached to a 1,500 square feet living room and dining hall that can also be used. Fits 120 party people (swinging of hands while dancing is accounted for in the space).

Getting there: 8th floor penthouse, Oricon House, K Dubash Marg, same building as Kaya Skin Clinic, call Deepak on 9769836640 for inquiries, location scout and price details by appointment only.

Essential Reading Before Comic Con
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 19:11

If we say ‘Comic Con’ and there’s an empty speech bubble hanging over your head, we can help. Ahead of the annual comic convention in Mumbai on December 19, we get the deputy editor of Tinkle Comics (cue nostalgia), the creator of the first manga series in the country and also the founder of Comic Con India, among others, to help put together a required reading list for you.

Prepare for many manga titles, blood, gore, silent comics, a short story called 'Three Septembers and a January’ and another that asks this: what if Superman had been raised in the Soviet Union? 

Dolly Pahlajani, Deputy Editor, Tinkle Comics

Thirty Days of Night: This series by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, is my absolute favourite because of its brash, unique strategies of vampire attacks and its bold, gory art.

Lucifer: I particularly like Mike Carey's writing and he has written most of this series that revolves around its biblical namesake. It traces the Prince of Darkness' adventures in heaven, hell and everything in between.

Sandman - Fables and Reflections: This is a collection of short stories that follow the journey of Sandman, the bringer of dreams. I particularly like this story called 'Three Septembers and a January' in which one man claims to be the king of the United States of America. Brilliant storytelling by Neil Gaiman.

Lucky Luke: One of my non-horror preferences (ha!). Lucky Luke, the daredevil cowboy and his horse, Jolly Jumper, bring the Wild West alive for me. Moreover, they are created by Morris, a Belgian cartoonist whose art I admire. It is also co-written by Rene Goscinny, the same guy who wrote Asterix.

Iznogoud: Another non-horror. Another Rene Goscinny series. This French comic has me in splits whenever I read it. It's about Iznogoud, the Grand Vizier to the Caliph of Baghdad, who does everything in his power 'to become Caliph instead of the Caliph'. And his schemes are so hairbrained that one can't help but love the guy... and laugh at him.

Hush: This one's Indian. It's a silent graphic novel by Manta Ray. Being a writer, I know how hard it is to tell a story without words but this comic has done it spectacularly.

Groo the Wanderer: I absolutely love Sergio Aragones' loony art and storytelling. Groo has both and therefore, is a treat to read! It traces the adventures of a well-meaning but bumbling warrior, Groo and his dog, Rufferto. 

Batman's Arkham Asylum: Ordinarily, I steer clear of mainstream superhero comics. But this one was a compelling read. Penned by Grant Morrison and illustrated gloriously by Dave McKean, this book is madness that transcends all boundaries of thought. I love Joker and this book brings out his character to the fullest. The bonus? In the hardcover, I found the entire script written out with basic sketches and layouts!

Abhijeet Kini, Comic Artist and Illustrator, Creator, Angry Maushi series

Angry Maushi - Second Blood: It’s a dark socio-political satire which follows a typical Mumbai maushi who can’t stop complaining about everything that’s wrong with the city, from the autos to the politicians to Bollywood.

Milk and Quickies: A comic book experiment which is quite dear to me, it comprises five short stories, written by a friend, with a different art style (designed by me!) for each one.

V for Vendetta: Everyone recognises the Guy Fawkes Mask. An iconic comic which till date is a symbol for political resistance. It’s very well written and illustrated.

Sign Up For Abode's Pop-Up Restaurant
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 18:20

As spent as the term "pop up" has become in Bombay, we couldn't resist writing about this one. The pretty boutique hotel Abode in Colaba is now open for reservations for its first pop up restaurant. Gnocchi to my room?

For ten days starting November 28, three super chefs -  Pali Village Café’s Conrad D’souza, Impresario’s Xavier Fernandes and ex Hyatt chef and restaurant consultant Mrinmoy - will move into Abode and make it their own. Set up in the lobby area,  the 'restaurant', an untitled project, will serve a four course dinner featuring dishes like a Roasted Walnut Gnocchi, Seared Sri Lankan Tuna, Pistachio Crusted Lamb Shanks and Chocolate Meringue.

All this comes at a pretty little price of Rs 3,600 per head. Can you get on (A)bode with it?

Getting There: First floor, Lansdowne House, M.B. Marg, near Regal Cinema, Apollo Bunder, Colaba. Pop up menu available from November 28 to December 7, 8pm onwards, daily. Bookings open today, Rs 3,600 per head (including sparkling wine by Chandon), call 8080234066 to make a reservation.

Sponsored: Vero Moda Marquee’s Nov Collection!
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 15:08

***This post is sponsored by Vero Moda Marquee***

If December is the big fat party of the year, then November is where you wait in the wings. Silvery, not full blown glittery, the pre-bash to the big bash, the start of the wedding season, the faint clinks of champagne flutes and the almost here sound of the guitar.

Keeping you pretty in your wait is Vero Moda Marquee’s new November line. The second collection in the Karan Johar X Vero Moda collaboration (see the first one here), this one features two gorgeous capsules. The Hide & Seek sits in shades of grey and silver, crafted from satin and sheer and lace; while the Nocturnal Rendezvous takes the shine up a notch with an interesting pairing of sequins and flowers.

We floated through their silver lining playbook to find our favourite pieces for November.

1.Abil Lace Dress: A pretty calf-length dress with a baroque pattern that could belong on a chateau wall, this one is perfect for an office party.

2.Aza SL Top: Seemingly regular from the front, this top has a fun sheer back with interesting work.

3.Anita SS Dress: This slinky sheath looks like it walked straight out of The Great Gatsby.

4.Iconic Pants: Pin striped with glitter. Think Richard Gere’s suit in Chicago’s Razzle Dazzle, but for girls.

5.Muni Skirt: With no connection to the item song of the same name, the Muni Skirt appears like a silver mesh of sorts that ends in a tiny frill.

6.Mangti Top: A lush screen print of black, white and grey roses, this top is great when you want a bit of cheer without the excessive happiness.

7.Mangti SL Top: Black, red lining, grommets. We think you’re sold.

So wait pretty in November, and we’ll see you at the party next month with a brand new Marquee collection! Meanwhile, view this month’s slideshow here!

Getting there: Visit, buy online or at a Vero Moda store new you. Starts at Rs 2,000.

Krispy Kreme Opens In Bandra Tomorrow!
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 13:37

Bandra bums, here's a quick byte to sweeten your day.

Krispy Kreme opens its doors in Bandra and replaces Gloria Jeans at Turner Road tomorrow!

Go for the Original Glazed, Cinnamon Apple filled doughnut and Kookie Krunch,  all of which were deserving of encores when we went over to Powai, to review their first branch. See you there, fatsos!

View our full Powai Krispy Kreme review here.

Getting There: Carlton Court, junction of Perry Road & Pali Road, opposite Bank of India, Bandra (W).

Postcard from Rome
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 10:51

As this Scouter discovered on returning to the Eternal City, Rome, like love affairs, is much better the second time around -  you can concentrate on the good stuff without the “getting to know each other” part. Because really, standing in line for three hours outside the Vatican is no fun at all. But there’s plenty of other stuff here that is.

Nothing’s too far a walk in Rome, so take advantage of the short distances and stay on the west side of the river, near the less touristy and much hipper Trastevere neighborhood. This Scouter lived in and loved Buonanotte Garibaldi, a little bed and breakfast housing a courtyard filled with plants and candelabras, butterflies and books, chandeliers and even a baby grand. If you insist on doing the touristy thing, Hotel Capo d’Africa is a stone’s throw from the Colosseum, modern and sleek with a nice terrace. PS: Bring wrinkle-free clothes or your own personal iron. None of the hotels in Rome seemed to have one.

bpb Review: Hoppipola
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 10:42

It’s tough to go around the bend in Bandra without bumping into a new bar or restaurant. One that’s loud, another that’s proud, ones that are no fuss, and others that just missed the bus.

Luring us in last night was Hoppipola, a new Bangalore/ Pune import that has occupied a fairly large space behind Oh Calcutta! in Khar. Taking a cue from its out of town counterparts, this version is dotted with cutesy elements like a cluster of mail boxes with shot glasses (bar avion?), printed tiles, suspended airplane models and revolving French doors that are individually cute but together, might become a bit much for some grown up eyes.

Waiting for the menu, we occupied ourselves with the all slate table and chalk, drawing a pretty conclusion that Hoppipola is a fun place to drink.

How To Pay Less At Mumbai's Bars
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 10:40

This party season, we’ve noticed something strange – drinks are getting cheaper, and not just during happy hours. We don’t think this is going to last forever, so we put our Rs 17 Old Monk glass down (that’s right!) to quickly write up the cheapest way to drink at Mumbai’s bars right now! Who needs a (c)hug?

The Bar Stock Exchange
This newly opened bar serves alcohol at MRP from noon to 4 pm, and then makes a game out of the prices post 6 pm through a phone app and a series of stock market-like screens. During our visit a few weeks ago, we saw Old Monk drop down to as low as Rs 17, while Teacher’s was priced at Rs 72, cocktails for Rs 250, single malts at Rs 275, Kettle One at Rs 96, Bombay Sapphire for Rs 106, Khalua for Rs 100 (all prices for 30 ml)! See our full review here. Branches opening in Andheri (W) and BKC soon.
Shivani Industrial Estate, opposite Times Square (behind Mc Donalds, Andheri (E), call 26005858.


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