Recipe: Timballo Di Funghi Trifolati
Thursday, 26 April 2012 17:45

For a tongue-twisting name, the dish is surprisingly simple to make. See below 'shroom recipe from Apicius, courtesy chef Philip Gomes.


20 gms black mushroom (sliced)

500 gms fresh mushroom (sliced)

200 gms oyster mushroom (sliced)

20 gms Italian parsley (chopped)

60 ml extra virgin olive oil

60 gms parmesan cheese (grated)

20 ml balsamic reduction

5 gms black pepper (freshly milled)

20 gms garlic (chopped)

200 gms rucola leaves

15 ml lime juice

10 gms salt

4 pieces of pesto crisps


Wash the mushrooms and pat dry. Heat the olive oil and sauté the garlic. To this add the mushrooms and cook for sometime, season it and keep aside. Wash the rucola leaves and dry them. Season the leaves with salt, pepper and lime juice and arrange neatly on a plate. Take a ring shaped mould and carefully place layers of mushroom and grated parmesan in it. Remove the mould and garnish with pesto crisps, balsamic reduction and some parmesan. Serve warm.


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