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Monday, 05 March 2012 01:24

Have you checked out the new set of knockers on Andheri yet? They belong to a door that’s little and blue, one that actually makes you duck while entering, and promises plenty of scope for knock knock jokes. This is The Little Door, a new Mediterranean restaurant and bar (yes, that again!) where you'll find soothing waves of blue lamps that end in foamy white walls. The space is divided into an indoor and spacious al fresco section studded with pretty mosaic tiles. We decided to spend our evening in the latter half - yes, we're beginning to see a pattern too. .

First Day, Last Show

A dinner visit on opening day revealed attentive owners, their plus many-s and a few non-friends (like the Scouters), all of us offsetting the blue and white colour scheme with gem coloured cocktails. We started with the Podka, a pink sweet and sour blend of vodka and fresh pomegranate juice, garnished with cilantro and a single green chili. Delish! The sour Spaniard in its first avatar looked tres appetising with chunks of chopped oranges (with rind), but tasted bland and was sent back for a re-do, only to return looking completely dull but high on taste. Apparently, you can’t have beauty and substance.

Tongue Twisters

When we say the food selection at The Little Door compliments its bar treats, we say it because almost half the dishes here are cooked with alcohol. Now if you’ll raise your bowl of champagne risotto for the toast.

We decided our appetisers would be dry, starting with Kolokithokeftedes, which were Greek zucchini fritters but tasted more like glorified pakoras - golden fried and yum, nevertheless. Apparently, if you can pronounce it correctly after three drinks, you get it free. Seriously! For a tastier tongue twister get the keftedes tiganitos, lightly-fried lamb meatballs served on a bed of spicy herbed tomato sauce.

Unlike the starters, our mains turned out to be rather unremarkable. Standing in for TLD steak that wasn’t available was gambas a la parrilla. It was described as part Italian, part Spanish and part Indian, but tasted like none. Instead, it turned out to be a measly portion of six tiny prawns in an over-sweetened tomato sauce, served with sautéed zucchini and rosemary potatoes. The champagne chicken risotto is your average Indianised version of a creamy mushroom risotto with diced chicken and almost no hint of champagne. You might want to hold off on that toast!

Bell Du Jour

Post 9 pm, the music shifted from the loud LMFAO to Guns N' Roses; the restaurant owners buzzed around the tables and the pink Podkas were starting to make us blush. We eventually left through The Little Door, making plans to return for more blue and white, and a lot more of their pink. Bell epoque, indeed.

Getting there: The Little Door, Plot no. B 31, ground floor, Shree Siddhivinayak Plaza, New Link Road, Andheri (W), call 9920983833 or view the Facebook group here, Rs 2,000 for a meal for two.

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Wednesday, 07 March 2012 12:39
Super fun place to grab a drink and get something delicious to eat on the weekend or even for a mid-week break! Well done little door! See you guys again soon!

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