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Mama’s Tiffin:Pack It Up!
Monday, 26 May 2014 19:50


Mamagoto it seems, has turned dabbawalla with their newly launched Mamatiffin lunch boxes. Available on delivery and dine-ins, Mamagoto lets you choose a soup/salad/starter + a choice of noodle or rice + a main course for your mid-day meal.

Choose from their three meal options- The Straits with a Asian Summer Chicken Salad, a Sambal Chicken and Sweet Chilli Bamie Noodles; The Siam Box with a Thai Chicken Salad, a Steamed Fish and Soggy Chicken Rice; or The Chambers of Shaolin with Honey Chicken, Chicken Schezaun sauce and Hakka Noodles.

We’re hell bento on ordering these!

Getting There: Mamagoto's new Mamatiffin lunch boxes, available at all their outlets- Bandra, Kalaghoda, Andheri and Ghatkhopar, Rs. 329 (vegetarian) and Rs. 429 (non-vegetarian).


bpb Review: Wafflist, Bandra
Monday, 26 May 2014 10:59



What We Think About When We Think About Waffles 

To equate waffles with comfort food, mornings and mothers, golden sunshine and vacation brunches, makes sense. But to think about mixing batter in a see-through conference room, a waffle maker sharing a switchboard with laptop chargers, is not your everyday, TV commercial waffle scene.

Waffles = startup food for us Scouters, who met and previously worked at another Internet startup where Fridays was dedicated to Breakfast Club. Each week, one or two people would bring breakfast for the office, and we think of that Friday with pride when our waffle experiment got more than one encore. Okay, they weren’t great but beggars can’t be chewsers at a startup with a pantry budget restricted to early morning tea and toast. 

Table of Contents

So when we heard about Wafflist, a new café at Carter Road that only sells waffles, we cheered. Productivity and innovation was about to go up on that desultory Friday – Pavlovian response. We visited the tiny orange and white space to find waffles that can be crowned with a bunch of different toppings that range from Plain Jane to glamorous. We picked up four kinds – the Cookie Rookie(topped with Oreo cookies), Choco-Overload, Nut-Chocolate and honey.

We really hate to rain on a new venture’s parade, but all the waffles tasted the same, of…nothing. We’ll give them this – they travelled well without getting chewy in cute paper trays with a hole on the top for a scoop of ice cream. But the basic waffle itself was tasteless at best, a fact masked in bites with excessive toppings of chocolate and banana. But with the honey or Oreo waffles for instance, the need for a better base was much more apparent.

Considering the place is a short walk away from the new bpb office, we were hoping it would be the food for our thought, and the reason to remember our gym memberships. Wafflist may not have resulted in a great morning meal, but it did lead to one interesting Mumbai – NY con call. For the rest of the year, we’ll be digging out that old waffle maker + recipe. A batter of fact.


Getting there: Ground floor, Gagangiri Apartments, next to Yogurtbay, off Carter Road, Bandra (W), call 09819680380, view the Facebook page here, Rs 120-150 for a waffle.


bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals

Chicken Honey Mustard Crispy Bacon Burger: Jamjar Recipe!
Friday, 23 May 2014 12:45

Jamjar Diner has launched a snappy new menu with rum punch bowls, pizzas, burgers and more! Fancy yourself a ham artist? Try this recipe on for size!

Chicken Honey Mustard  Crispy Bacon Burger
Burger Bun: 1 no
Chicken Breast: 1 no
Smoked Bacon: 2 strips/30 gms
Romaine Lettuce: 5 gms
Onion: 2 rings
Gherkins: 10 gms
Tomato; 2 slices
Grain Mustard: 15 gms
Honey: 10 gms
Mayonnaise: 15 gms

Marinate the chicken breast in the mustard and honey mixture for an hour at least. After marinating, grill the chicken breast until done and cut in diagonally in piccatta style. Cook the bacon until done and set aside on a paper towel to remove excess fat. Slice the burger bun in two and toast on a grill for a minute. Spread the mayonnaise on the buns and add the lettuce on the bottom bun. Place the sliced chicken breasts and cooked bacon and dress the burger with onion and tomato slices. Serve with a side of honey-mustard sauce and French fries. Enjoy !

Juice Of The Day @ The Yoga House
Friday, 23 May 2014 12:16

What: Juice of the Day takeaway in glass bottles at The Yoga House, Nargis Villa, Shirley Rajan Road, off Carter Road, Bandra (W), Rs 180 for a bottle.

Why: It’s weird, but staring at pictures of fruit makes us feel a whole lot cooler during these ridiculously hot days. Which is probably why our Instagram hand has been inching towards The Yoga House’s juice bar where their new takeaway involves the Juice of the Day poured into retro milk bottle style glass containers. One Virtuous Juice (beetroot-carrot-celery) to go please!

When: You want to be part of the Beet Generation.

BKC To Get A Lounge: Tea Trails
Friday, 23 May 2014 11:48

What: Tea Trails, a new tea lounge opens to the public next week at 308 Sky Lobby, 3rd Floor, The Capital Building, opposite ICICI Bank, Bandra Kurla Complex.

Why: Round up your brew crew and head over to BKC where Tea Trails, a new gourmet lounge opens next week. The space with sunny interiors that map the journey of tea across the globe will serve over 45 chai variants (think Japanese Sencha and Sri Lankan Pinacolada flavours), along with tea infused food like Marbled Eggs and Burmese Tea Salad.

When: Leaf if to them to begin on May 26.

bpb Review: Fat Man’s Café, Bandra
Tuesday, 20 May 2014 11:07

It makes sense that the Fat Man would recommend the lightest for last. A zesty, flavor-soaked orange sponge cake, one that justifies ordering dessert even after scarfing down sliders and beef sandwiches and a boatload of other food. 

The orange cake arrived at our table at Fat Man’s Café, Bandra’s newest eatery, fitting in with the pastel colour scheme at this tiny space imagined by designer Rixi Bhatia. Elements of her Quirk Box fashion label are apparent here with fat minions to represent Fat Man. We thought the distressed wood and random quotes on the wall are done to death, but the assorted glass lamps were pretty.  There’s also a window drawn on to a wall in case you’re not facing the actual glass panes. What’s the scene(ry)?

We dug into the dessert that reminded us of Theobroma’s orange juice cake but topped with cream, which true to the team’s word, was light enough for us to think about all the food that came before it. Eat rind, rewind.

Slider Scale

For a tiny space this one packs an overwhelmingly large menu, so ask the staff for suggestions. There’s breakfast, soup, salad, appetisers, pizza, burgers, sliders, mains and dessert. By the time we decided, our leaf green table looked something like this: On the left, a plate of three tall, good looking lamb sliders; in the centre, a Grilled Beef Tenderloin sandwich stacked with caramelized onions, bell peppers and a whole lot of cheese; and on the right, chicken skewers. Left leaning, we liked the sliders the most, with juicy patties and smeary mustard and cheese. The Grilled Beef Tenderloin could do with some work- lacking in spice and zest, it needed to be better done. The pesto chicken skewers were tasty and tender, a good summer appetizer if you want to skip red meat. If carbs are your friends, get the Jacket Potatoes with a chipotle corn filling that were perfectly cooked and not too cheesy.

Strawberry Fields

When it comes to appetizer-drink pairings, we know the weather will compel you to go straight to the coolers, but consider the thick, rich banana peanut butter milkshake. We tried and loved it. The strawberry lemonade looks pretty, but is so so, it will make your taste buds go “awwww”. Skip it.

At the end of the meal, just before the orange cake, came a plate of light, buttery Rawas, fresh with a stack of veggies on the side. A predictable dish on menus these days, but tasty nonetheless.

Phat Man

With Little Food Co Catering’s Bhakti Mehta as a consultant and Quirk Box’s Rixi Bhatia as interior designer, Fat Man’s Café could be that little café that could. Sure the dishes are slightly predictable, as are the assorted coloured chairs, but the food is tasty and well priced. It was day one yesterday, and the place was already filled with office goers from the nighbourhood. Plus, the pleasant faced owners add bright spots to the space. That, and the zest that comes at the end.

Getting there: Fat Man’s Café, shop No.9, ONGC Building, next to Candies, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (W), call 26402053, meal for three: Rs 2,358

bpb could not conduct this review anonymously but paid for its own meal.


Café Zoe Gets A New Deli Counter
Monday, 19 May 2014 19:02


You can’t live on love and sunlight alone, even though the sun-drenched space at Café Zoe makes you believe otherwise. Walk out of the light and towards the counter at this Lower Parel restaurant and bar, where they’ve set up a new Deli stand. Meat and greet?

Here you’ll find meats that include chicken salami with mustard, cured chorizo, roasted ham loin with herbs, fat free ham, Hungarian salami and more. The cheese list features Fontal, Dutch Gouda and Parmigiano Reggiano among others.

Owner and Chef Viraf Patel’s favourites include the salamis and the chorizo. “Best eaten between bread with unsalted butter and lettuce, or just on its own, I personally love the Provolone cheese. Great as a replacement for Parmegiano if you like something shaper,” he says.


What’s the font(al) size?


Getting there: Rs 460 for 200 gams (minimum quantity purchase) of Dutch Gouda and Rs 500 for 200 gms (minimum quantity purchase) of Hungarian salami.

Bpb Bulletin: Irish House Opens In Andheri Today!
Monday, 19 May 2014 10:57


The week starts with the luck of the Irish heading to Andheri West!

Irish House opens in the suburb today with  signature specials like Great Irish Fish & Chips, Irish Lions Chickens Tenders and Beer Can Chicken. Happy hours will be on every day from 5 pm to 8 pm along with a schedule of live gigs, comedy nights, beer games and quizzes.

Could this be your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Getting there: The Irish House, 1st floor, Level 1, Fun Republic, opposite new link Road, Andheri (W), call 61046161.



Melon Garden Recipe From Tilt All Day!
Friday, 16 May 2014 11:15

Cool off with this fun cocktail from Tilt All Day this weekend! With yum ingredients, you’re bound to be slurping on this all summer!




Tequila – 40ml


Cointreau - 20ml


Fresh Watermelon Juice – 150ml


Cinnamon powder – 1 Pinch


Mint Leaves – handfull


Lime Juice – 20ml


Sugar Syrup – 10ml


Method: Shake all the ingredients and strain on ice in a rolly polly. Garnish with mint  sprigs.

Fat Man's Cafe To Open In Bandra
Thursday, 15 May 2014 13:35

What: Fat Man’s Café, shop No.9, ONGC Building, next to Candies, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (W), call 26402053.

Why: Because amid all the chia seed-hunting, quinoa burger-making, Himalayan sea salt-sprinkling, here’s a café that’s not afraid to use the F word. Fat Man’s Café opens in Bandra on Tuesday with sliders, pizza, pasta, sandwiches and more on a menu consulted on by the lovely Bhakti Mehta of The Little Food Co catering.  The all day café is dressed in pastels and looks up at pretty hanging lights. Review out soon!

When: Opens on Tuesday, May 20.

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