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Burma Burma Opens In Fort
Friday, 09 May 2014 11:05

What: Burma Burma opens today, Kothari House, Oak Lane, M. G. Road, near Mumbai University, Fort, call 400366016 for reservations.

Why: If Khow Suey is the only thing you know about Burmese food, you might want to head over to the city’s newest Asian offering, Burma Burma. Apart from an authentic Burmese menu that consists of steamed buns and palathas, Burma Burma will also have a take away Khowsuey counter (yay for you!), a tea room, lungi bags, Burmese art works and bubble tea with tapioca pearls.

When: Burma Burma opens today, May 9, 2014.

New Juice Pack: JusDivine
Friday, 09 May 2014 10:49

What: Cold pressed juices from Jus divine, available at The Baker’s Dozen outlets and online here, Rs 150 for a 250 ml bottle.

Why: Here’s bit of juicy gos-sip for you this morning-  the cold pressed juice trend continues with a new brand – JusDivine – that will retail our of The Baker’s Dozen. We tried and liked the refreshing orange, mixed fruit, and apple+beetroot+carrot flavours, but found the pineaple+pear+ginger+spinach juice too heavy on the green. That’s the bitter truth.

When: You want to take the beet-en path.

Must Try: Garlic Parsley Butter From All My Sins
Thursday, 08 May 2014 10:48

This Betty’s got the butter.

This may not help your diet, but home baker Etee Podar does a bunch of flavoured butters and desserts under the label All My Sins.

Wonderfully light with lovely bits of whole garlic and parsley, the butter works well on toast and warm croissants and even with crunchy lavache that Etee bakes herself. The chef with a diploma in Food Production and Patisserie from IHM Mumbai also does other flavours like choco almond and cinnamon butter.

Getting There: Call 098 20 651129 to place an order, Rs 150 for a jar of garlic parsley butter, will deliver for large orders in Juhu, most orders require pickups.

Dunkin’ Donuts To Open In Khar On Saturday
Tuesday, 06 May 2014 10:42

We walked into Dunkin’ Donuts yesterday to find everyone in set up mode, a whole bunch of staff members piecing together the space with brown and orange chairs; clear, round bulbs; and a wall with what appeared to be neon cut out faces of women. Dunkin' is set to open on Saturday, May 10. Finally, right? 

Situated under the Jean Claude Biguine salon at Linking Road, Khar, the place will serve up regulars like Spiked Ice Tea, cold coffees, burgers, wraps and an army of flavoured and glazed donuts.

See you on opening day, fatsos!

Getting there: Dunkin’ Donuts to open on Saturday, May 10; ground floor, Bharat Bhuvan building, below Jean Claude Biguine, Linking Road, Khar (W), see their Facebook page here, follow them on twitter here


Order Tuck from the Hills
Tuesday, 06 May 2014 10:41


What happens when a girl from Bombay moves to a hill station? She thinks it’s picture perfect. At first. Then she tries to adjust the picture just a little bit. Eventually, she tries to see the bigger picture before anyone else does.

This is the story of Jessica Shukla. A Bombay girl who fell in love with a St Xavier’s Boy and moved to Shimla with her husband who runs a hotel there. Up there in the hills, she indulged her organic tastes, getting pure apricot oil from the family orchard, and wondered why you aren’t using it too.

Gutti Call

“My complexion had never been better,” Jessica tells us, who started bringing bottles of the beauty oil to Mumbai during her frequent trips back to supervise her merchandising business. “My friends and aunties started using it and found solutions to many problems – hair fall, arthritis, stretch marks, dry skin.” Next of (s)kin?

That’s when Jessica decided to put the apricot oil in a long, elegant bottle, add a pretty tag and call it Gutti (apricot) ka Tel. “We personally supervise the cold pressing of the oil in upper Himachal Pradesh. There is zero mixing and it cannot get purer than this!” says Jessica, who markets this is Mumbai and Delhi with help from her friend Kanika Vasudeva.  And starting next week, she will also sell khal, the residue left after kernels of apricot are cold pressed. This is powdered, and can be mixed with honey or milk and used as a face pack.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Jessica may have somewhat speeded up life in Shimla, but she needs it to go faster. So obviously expansion plans are already underway. With a second label called Pahadi Local – launching in ten days - she will retail foods grown in the Himachal and Upper Himachal area.

Expect white rajma and rajma grown in glacier waters, red rice, joshanda flower petals, and special almonds. These will be cutely packaged in a mini kilta, which is a cone shaped basket used for apple picking, along with a recipe booklet that also points out the health benefits of these foods. 

We cheer Jessica’s move to Shimla, and we urge her to continue her do-gooding in the orchards. Because as Jessica sows, so shall you reap.

Getting there: Gutti ka Tel, to order in Mumbai and Delhi, email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit their Facebook page here, Rs 650 for 250 ml Gutti ke Tel.

bpb Review: Cafe@Jiwa
Monday, 05 May 2014 11:01

If Mrs Dalloway said she would buy the flours herself, then author Virginia Woolf might have considered writing Café@Jiwa into her novel, a modern chakki in Bandra that sells all kinds of flours.

We’d told you about this shop a while ago, started by an MBA grad and a guy with a PhD in roti making. Over this past weekend, they launched a new cafe, serving wraps made from the different varieties of healthy flour. Aata boys!

The Grind

With a total seating of about six to eight people, Café@Jiwa’s menu is not extensive, but ticks all the boxes for the organic-loving, health conscious Bandra folk. The order menu (similar to the wok menu at Noodle Bar) lets you choose all the ingredients for your wrap, right from the roti aata to fillings, veggies and sauces.

We sampled the platter (an assortment of three rotis, two mains and two sauces), picked an extra main and even tried out the Dark Chocolate Popsicle and yogurt-like ‘Pineapple Love’ dessert. Smoothies and coolers too are on the menu, but weren’t available when we visited.

Pollen Numbers

Suckers for anything that sounds remotely healthy, we picked the Nutra Multigrain, Women’s Best and Youth Focus (wishful thinking, yes) rotis to go with our mains- Tandoori Bhindi Aloo, Char Grilled Fruits and Tofu Paprika that was served with Desi Pudina Chutney, Hummus and a Nutty Peanut Sauce.

Our palates couldn’t really tell the difference between the Youth Focus (made of Sehori Sharbati, whole wheat, skimmed milk powder, toasted wheat germ, toasted soybeans, sprouted ragi, sand puffed Bengal gram and sea salt) and Women’s Best rotis (made from Sehori Sharbati Whole Wheat, dehydrated cauliflower, toasted soybeans, sand puffed Bengal Gram, toasted flax seeds, fenugreek seeds and sea salt). The multigrain roti, however did stand out for us, made from oats, soyabean and ragi flavours.

The mains were simply put together, minus extra masala and embellishments. We liked all three for the minimalist approach that reminded us of home made healthy snacks. One word of advice, though: don’t let the tofu paprika sit out for too long. We got to ours a little later, by which time it had gotten slightly hard. The side sauces too, balanced out the meal.

 Great for the weather right now is the Pineapple Love - a refreshing yogurt like mix of pineapple, apples and muesli. If you’re a fan of the chocolate bar Bounty, you should try their Dark Chocolate popsicles,  made from coconut, oats, muesli and of course, dark chocolate.

Café@Jiwa currently does not deliver, but is great when you’re looking for a healthy food option that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.  Next time we come over, we’re getting you a bunch of flours. Bring out your best vase.

Getting there: Jiwa Roti Cafe, Prabhat Kunj, 24th road, Bandra (W), visit, view the Facebook page here, call 9320299480, meal for two approx. Rs 240.

bpb could not conduct this review anonymously, but paid for the whole meal.

New In Town: Jiwa Roti Cafe
Friday, 02 May 2014 11:15

What: Jiwa Roti Cafe, Prabhat Kunj, 24th road, Bandra (W), visit, view the Facebook page here, call 9320299480.

Why: Remember we told you about the aatta shop in Bandra started by an MBA grad and a guy with a PhD in roti making? This "modern chakki" will launch a cafe this weekend, serving healthy wraps. Pick from one of their aattas - multi -grain, slimming, diabetic, women's special, youth plus atta and more - a vegetarian main like butter beans & feta, veggies in balsamic,  char grilled fruits, tofu paprika; and top it up with salsa, Greek yogurt, hummus, wasabi, chutney, or pesto.

When: You want to roll in a cafe.

Must Try: The Leela's Wonuts!
Friday, 02 May 2014 11:05

What: Dark chocolate Wonuts from Dolce by Aishwarya Nair at The Leela Hotel, call +91 91-67-693863 to order, Rs 200 for one.

Why: Help yourself to the latest hot hybrid to come out of the oven - a wonut (waffle + donut). This is essentially a round waffle with a ring at the centre, covered in rich dark chocolate. And considering how much we love Dolce's desserts, we're not surprised that these, though slightly pricey, were tasty and didn't get chewy despite their commute from The Leela to Bandra.

When: You want dessert that has a nice ring to it.

Sunday Loaves: Weekly Bakes
Tuesday, 29 April 2014 11:11

“Stay coiled in bed. Keep a batch of freshly baked garlic coriander pull-apart rolls at arm’s reach. Dust off crumbs before Monday arrives.”

These morsels of advice, along with freshly baked goods is what Gayatri Hingrorani doles out every Sunday, courtesy her weekly home baking business, Sunday Loaves.

“It all came from the idea that Sunday is your day off, a day of rest, so why not enjoy it with something yummy?” It all added up when we found out that this MBA graduate is a marketing and communications professional during the rest of the week, and spends her time developing communication strategies.

Rise Up

Following the usual home baker trajectory, Gayatri began baking for friends and family (restricted only to weekends) and through word of mouth, business has slowly picked up. She started only six weeks ago, with sets of three sweet and savoury loaves each. We sampled the banana choco-chip cake and coriander garlic pull apart rolls last week.

A fan of both flavours, this writer thought the banana choco-chip cake was soft and studded with generous chunks of chocolate chips. The coriander garlic rolls, subtly flavoured, make for a nice teatime snack, especially if you’re the type that craves carbs post 5 pm. Who isn’t?

Sunday Bunch

True to its name, Gayatri ensures you will get your loaves of goodness on your day of rest- Sunday, provided you place your order before Friday. She’s taking limited orders at the moment since she's pretty much a one man army, but if all goes well she should be scaling up soon. If your'e in the area, (Juhu/Andheri (W), Vile Parle), Gayatri will  get this delivered to your doorstep, but anywhere outside this radar, and you will have to pick it up yourself.

Apart from her packaging that includes fun elements like a Sunday puzzle, Gayatri's currently working on other flavours like the roasted almond Nutella cake and Focaccia olive oil bread, along with ideas for a seasonal menu that involves mangoes.

So this Sunday, put your feet up and bite into some of Gayatri’s loaves that just left the oven. The rest will follow.

Getting there: Sunday Loaves, call 7506075639/ mail  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to order, see their Facebook page here

bpb Review: Hunger Pangs
Monday, 28 April 2014 11:33



These days it seems like we're always hungry - we call it Insta-induced pangs. On one such evening while scrolling through your Instagram feed of ridiculously delicious dishes from your vacation in New York and your last weekend out for dinner  in Bombay, we found ourselves passing a new eatery in Bandra called Hunger Pangs.

Seemed about right. 

(G)Rumble In The Bronx

We (obviously) went in for a quick peek and found ourselves ordering Spicy Cheddar Cheese Balls, a Chicken Caesar Salad, a Tomato Basil Pasta, the Big Cheese Burger and the Legendary 10z Chicken Burger to take with us to the house party we were going to post work.

The Spicy Cheddar Cheese Balls we felt should have ideally been eaten right after they were made. While the filling was pretty tasty-a good mix of  two ingredients that you can’t really go wrong with - they didn’t survive the rickshaw ride and got slightly squishy on the way. We quickly moved to and enjoyed the Chicken Caesar Salad served with a tangy dressing, heaps of fresh romaine lettuce and generous shavings of Parmesan cheese.

The vegetarian Tomato-Basil penne pasta, though tasty, caters clearly to desi- only palates, with lots of garlic and masala. A real hit at the house party and worth a special mention were the burgers- well priced and massive in terms of portion with good chunks of meat. A definite must try.

If you have an office in the area, Hunger Pangs is a good option to sort out those random bursts of hunger that hit you smack in the middle of the day. Or when you're browsing Instagram.  News feed, indeed.

Getting there: Hunger Pangs, 53 Hill road, Bandra (W), call 9930099895, meal for three approx. Rs 1300.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals

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