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From where to buy sake to the newest restaurant reviews, we scout out the best of Mumbai’s culinary scene.

bpb Review: Tiffinbox, etc. At BKC
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 10:50


When we heard of BKC’s newest café, Tiffinbox, etc. images from The Lunchbox and shots of painstakingly prepared food immediately came to mind. Secretly hoping for a couple of hidden love notes with our meal, we headed over to the place that serves up regional Indian cuisine at modest pricing for suits in the area.

Sealed With A Kiss

Started by the guys at Ka Hospitality (of Yauatcha and Hakkasan fame), Tiffinbox etc. contains within its tiers friendly staff, unassuming canteen-like space and the slightly clichéd but well done doodhwala cans and bicycle wheels décor elements. After ordering a Chaas and Homemade Ginger Lemonade, we dove our noses into the menu that offers a mash up of Bengali, Maharashtrian, South Indian and Punjabi cuisine. Apart from single dishes, Tiffinbox, etc. also offers tiffin meals (you can choose from a Delhi/Mumbai/Kolkata/Bengaluru box).

Eager to sample the wide variety, we chose a Mumbai Tiffin Meal with Kohlapuri Chicken, along with a Mixed Bread Basket, Nalli Nihari, Punjabi Dum Aloo and a Lamb Seekh Kebab.

Hide And Seekh

The Seekh Kebab was the first to arrive- mildly spiced and juicy; it was a good start to the meal. The Nalli Nihari (a slow cooked lamb stew with bone marrow) featured tender meat that came right off the bone and a tangy curry. The Punjabi Dum Aloo was fairly regular, we thought, with rich, heavy flavours that made us feel too full, too fast.

The Mumbai Tiffin Meal (that came packed to us in an actual steel tiffin) was next. Priced at Rs 350, plus taxes, the meal comes with three rotis, rice, dal, a main course dish and dessert. Definitely more expensive than what a regular thali would cost at office canteens. The Chicken Kohlapuri lived up to its super spicy fame with red chilies that left us feeling a little like fire breathing dragons after the meal. The yellow dal helped balance this out. We finished with the Gajar Halwa - not too sweet, with the right texture, it was just the way we like it. This could be the carrot they dangle.

With the recent surge in the number of restaurant openings in the area, BKC’s office goers now have a wide range of choice, for all price points- Masala Library, Ping Pong, Smoke House Deli. Cheaper than most, though fairly expensive for an everyday lunch, Tiffinbox, etc. is a good option for when you’re in the mood for tasty regional Indian khaana. One word of advice though: this meal may induce a post-lunch sleep at office.

You may want to submit that power nap petition to HR now.

Getting there: Ground Floor, Naman Center, C 31, Next to Yauatcha, Block G- Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), call 61378080 for delivery, see their Facebook page here. Meal for two: approx. Rs 1,700.

bpb Review: Nothin Fishy About This
Tuesday, 08 April 2014 11:02

When a takeaway and home delivery joint sends a menu with incorrect spellings (Cartar Road for Carter Road is one of them), you know it’s unlikely that they’ve paid attention to detail. 

New on the Carter Road strip of food spots is Nothin Fishy About It, a place that’s supposed to specialize in seafood from different cuisines, but also sells a random mix of other meats and vegetarian dishes like Chicken Strogonff, mushroom masala rolls, and paneer chilli. Yes, you already know how this is going to go.

Throw Us a Bone

After picking up awesome pound cake from Eighth’s order-only bakery down the road, we headed to Nothin Fishy About It, placed our order and got them to home deliver it.Swimming in a quick current to our doorstep was fish in green koli spices and a prawn Koliwada roll, plus chicken chilli and mushroom masala rolls.

We’re sorry to report that none of these dishes fared well, sorry mostly because we thought this could be the nearby place that sent over snacks to support drinks when friends came over. The fish was insipid, didn’t taste fresh and the spices had no character. The chicken featured rubbery pieces of meat, at once reminding us of the chicken chilli served in our school cafeteria. If only nostalgia enhanced taste.

The mushroom masala roll was packed with a spicy red sauce that immediately caught the throat, a similar sensation produced by the red Koliwada masala in the prawn roll. The only silver lining with the latter was that it featured crunchy capsicum pieces and the prawns were slightly fresher than the fish starter.

Sing A New Tuna

While we don’t mind that the menu here isn’t innovative, featuring Tandoori snacks and some Continental ones, we wish they matched up in taste to similar old-school places like Mini Punjab or Khane Khaas that do a mean Tandoori fish. Perhaps what they need is a better editor – for their meat and their menu.

Getting there: Nothin Fishy About It, Shop no 6, Gagangiri Apts, off Carter Road, Bandra (W), call 09920029020, approximately Rs 550 for a meal for two.

bpb Scoop: Buddha Bar To Open In Bandra
Monday, 07 April 2014 11:39


Miso happy that Parisian bar and lounge Buddhar Bar (b-bar in Delhi) is all set to open in Bandra in July this year.

As this Coup Card partner crosses over from the Capital to Mumbai, prepare to be greeted by life size Buddha statues, awesome sushi and particularly potent cocktails. Here’s what our bpb Delhi team usually gets at b-bar: miso soup, sashimi and Japanese gimlets. Watch this space for more details. 

Cheers to the newest arrival!

Chop On Edamame During A Film!
Friday, 04 April 2014 12:00

What: I Love Edamame kiosk at PVR Cinema, High Steet Phoenix, Lower Parel, Rs 160 for a packet.

Why: Because your friend’s a cow. He/she chews popcorn so loudly, you end up missing all the pertinent dialogues during a film. Take that tub of popcorn away and replace it with a tray of edamame. Steamed until soft and warm, the chewing equivalent of a silent movie, this soyabean tuck is a tasty, not to mention healthy alternative to other cinema snacks. There’s the sea salted version and then there’s the desi one rubbed with red masala that we love. Both are served with soy sauce.

When: You need to sigh over soy.

Bpb Review: Mexiloko, Colaba
Wednesday, 02 April 2014 11:18


Colaba spills the beans as quick service Mexican joint Mexiloko finally opens in the neighbourhood. We visited yesterday to find a small space – not as buzzy as we suspect it will be in a few weeks from now – with bright colours (we wish they had skipped the random quotes on the wall) and a long menu featuring nachos, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, empanadas and Mexican bowls.

With cheap food, self service counter and fast food-y interiors, Mexiloko is meant to be a Taco Bell-ish space, and it fares better, we found.

Rivera Is Wide 

Here’s the routine we followed – sent out the bpb DessertBox from Bandra; conducted ample sampling, of course; and took an Uber cab (more on that tomorrow) to Colaba in order to get to the Mexiloko’s Golden Nachos. These came to us super crisp with summer bright veggies and a light cheese sauce that was a pleasant departure from the heavy cheese laden nachos you ate at New Yorkers as a child.

While slurping on the Slushy Virgin Margarita – a moment for a brain freeze - our BBQ Mushroom Taco, Chipolte Chicken Quesadillas and Lamb Con Carne Empanadas arrived.

The slushy Margarita, a great order during this season had us appropriately cooled off as we bit into the nicely spiced taco with clean flavours. The quesadillas and empanadas were both tasty, but won’t warrant a replay for us next time we visit, because we found the quesadilla filling slightly bland and the empanada filling reminded us a little of a Kachori.

Kahlo Marks

We rounded off our meal with feel-guilty, deep fried Churros, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and a side of dipping chocolate. Nowhere as good as the ones we go to Sancho’s for, but still delicious and a great snack if you’re walking around Colaba Causeway, and if plan to hit the treadmill for an extra hour after.

With plans to open a bunch of outlets across the city- Andheri West and Bandra are in the pipeline - and currently open until midnight (rumour has it they plan to extend the deadline), Mexiloko could be the place to hit for late night munchies. Now that calls for a fiesta. Nacho gao?

Getting there: Mexiloko,1, Bela CHS Ltd, 81A, Colaba Causeway Road, Rs 550 for a meal for two, home delivery in the neighbourhood to start next week. 

The review could not be conducted anonymously as the reviewer was recognized by the owners,  however bpb paid for its own meal.


Ellipsis Launches Gift Cards
Tuesday, 01 April 2014 10:46


We loved the peanut butter ice cream sandwich at Ellipsis so much, we wanted to telegram you a bite. We couldn’t so we did the next best thing – Instagrammed it.

Turns out now, we can send you what we like here as Ellipsis launches their own gift cards. These can be bought for any increment, are valid for six months and can be purchased over the phone or at the restaurant.

We wonder what value Ellipisis gift card would get us the lovely pancake-making-Crossfitting-food tweeting chef KelvinCheung. We’ll take him to go, thanks.

Getting there: To buy the Ellipsis gift card, call 66213333 or visit the restaurant between 10 am and 6 pm from Monday toSaturday.

Colaba Gets A New Mexican Eatery
Friday, 28 March 2014 12:19

What : Mexiloko - new, quick service Mexican restaurant,  Bela Court shop no 1,  Bela Co-op Housing Society Ltd., 81A, Colaba Causeway Road, call  22023100, 11 am to 11 pm.

Why: Because the new spate of restaurant openings have given you a bean there, done that feeling. Attempting to cut through the culinary chaos is  Mexiloko, a  Mexican restaurant that wants to give you quick, tasty  food. It opens next week in Colaba and will serve up popular favourites such as nachos, tacos, Burritos ,Quesadillas, Empanadas.

When: Opens on March 31.

Cakesgiving: Flash Mob Girl Makes Up Holiday
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 09:59


A few days ago, the girl who got flash mobs going in Mumbai – remember Shonan Kothari? – had another flash of sorts.

She woke up, and decided there should be a holiday called Cakesgiving. Did she make it up? Yes. Do you have a problem with it? Well, you shouldn’t. Because what it involves is Shonan + an army of volunteers running around the city giving people free cake. Marie Antoinette would be proud. 

According to the calendar of Shonan, Cakesgiving 2014 – naysayers, it has its ownFacebook page – falls on the 27th day of March.

Here's how it works: the city's generous pastry chefs have supported Cakesgiving by sending Shonan a whole bunch of cakes each. Some of these include the bakers behind Le 15 Patisserie, Deliciae, Sweet Toot and more. On Thursday, Cakesgiving volunteers will hit office and school neighbourhoods, parks, seafronts, government and police offices and street curbs and hand out cakes for free. 

Want to Volunteer?

Bakers can provide cakes and non-bakers can bring their distributing hands to Shonan. If you’re interested, email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Getting there: Cakesgiving on Thursday, March 27 all over Mumbai, view theFacebook page here, to volunteer email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

bpb Review: O:h Cha Kitchen & Bar, Lower Parel
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 09:59

To part the curtain of noise that is Lower Parel and step into a quiet place is for that place to already score some points with us. Starting on a good and oh-so-quiet note is O:h Cha Kitchen & Bar, a new Thai restaurant at Mathuradas Mill Compound with faux grass on the walls – a fun touch – and cane lanterns that huddle around the light in the place.

Now we didn’t care much for the dragon stencils at O:h Cha, but we’d heard that Pipat Niyomsin was the real dragon here, the restaurant’s chef who has worked with a bunch of hotel chains and is a former instructor at the Institute of Culinary Art, Bangkok. Thai by night? We were about to find out.

All That You Can Leave Behind

Shazam-ing the jazzy covers of U2 tracks playing in the background – no clichéd Asian tunes here yet - we settled in and ordered our first round. The menu has a ton of pork and beef options (yay!), and also a garden full of veggie ingredients like Morning Glory and steamed eggplants. The Neua Yang or grilled beef tenderloin and Satay Kai, the chicken satay plate were the first to arrive and turn our twosome into a party of four.

Both were packed with enough spice and flavor to take us for a quick trip to the Saturday market food stalls in Bangkok. Swadika, indeed. Dear reader, a word of advice- these guys take their spices very, very seriously. The grilled tenderloin is definitely not for those sitting on the fence - both this writer and dining companion had to take breaks , large sips of water and order an Iced Tea to calm our burning tongues. Fire Breathing Dragon? Well, almost.

Our mains, the Thai curry (we chose the red with pork) and steamed jasmine rice came along with stir fry prawns with shitake mushrooms and bokchoy, as well a steamed morning glory, nicely dotted with chillies and garlic.

Our jasmine rice, sticky and aromatic seemed to get along just fine with the velvety red curry. The stir fry prawns with shitake mushrooms was much blander in comparison to the fiery grilled tenderloin, but helped balance out the spices on our palate. As a stand alone dish though, it wasn’t too exciting. The Morning Glory, a dish we ordered more out of curiosity, had our meat-loving dining companion digging in for seconds for more of its fresh, garlicky flavour. Again, this one isn’t for everyone , unless of course, you dig the whole garden-in-your-mouth thing. The menu also features a bunch of platters and dessert like  Dumplings in Coconut Cream, fruit platters and Gooey Chocolate Mousse that we decided to skip.

Flowers in the Window

Any more food and we would be going home with a doggy bag and a belly to rival that Buddha’s on your shelf. After you get rid of it – why do you still own one of those – we can go back to O:h Cha Kitchen & Bar for a little celebration dinner. Because you lost the Buddha, they lost (most of) the Asian restaurant clichés and us, the belly.

Getting There: Oh:Cha Kitchen & Bat, Unit 1, New Mahalaxmi Silk mills premises, Mathurdas Mills Compound, down the lane from Blue Frog, Lower Parel, call 66334455, see their Facebook page here , Rs 3000  for a meal for two.

Woodside All Day Now Caters!
Tuesday, 25 March 2014 11:27

Where’s the patty tonight?

Ask Woodside All Day Bar and Eatery that has started up a catering service called Woodside at Home, featuring a large menu with salad, starters, pasta, risotto and more. But what’s really fun are the fondues and the grill section, and a live counter where they can flip burgers for your balcony party.

Like many catering services, this one covers more than just the food, so expect them to take care of everything from cutlery and crockery to cooking equipment, servers, live counters and bar tenders that come at an extra charge.

The service starts at Rs 750 per head for a minimum of 25 people, which includes 2 vegetarian starters, 1 non vegetarian starter, 1 salad, 1 vegetarian and 1 non-vegetarian main courses and dessert.

Who’s hosting this weekend?

Getting there: Call Woodside All Day Eatery & Bar at  26336549 for bookings, catering radius from Juhu circle to Mindspace in Malad West.


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