Mumbai's Best Cupcakes
Wednesday, 30 December 2009 18:12

Homemade designer cupcakes are tantalizing taste buds around Mumbai. Here's where to find them, dressed in their fanciest holiday frosting for your viewing (and eating) pleasure. Read our complete list and view the photogallery on

The Baking Tray

Rebecca Vaz’s comfort cupcakes draw inspiration from the women in her life -- grandma, mum and an old lady down the street who shared her prized baking recipes. The five years she spent as a flight attendant allowed her to roam the world in pursuit of cake, giving her enough "research material" to go full time on frosting in April 2009. "Try the Mr Lava Lava Cupcake," suggests Vaz, promising that their chocolate-filled centres will more than make up for the corny name.

Tel. +91 9821694917. Starts at Rs 50 per cupcake, minimum order of a dozen.


Pallavi’s love affair with baking began at age nine, when her dad bought her her first gas oven. She has traveled a long way since then, leaving her hometown in Assam for Delhi, Kolkata, New York and now Mumbai, earning a Master’s degree in Economics and working in corporate communications and advertising. Her passion for dessert travelled and stayed with her though. Earlier this year she decided to pursue it full time. The result? Moist and delicious chocolate cupcakes, decorated with a smattering of kiddy stars.

Tel +91 9820120098. Rs 25 per cupcake.

Cupcakes & Co

The newest bakers riding the cupcake tide are Namrata Narang and Sangeeta Kulkarni, who plan to make the cupcake as ubiquitous as doughnuts with their soon-to-be-launched outlets. For now, they home deliver. Their USP: elaborately frosted cupcakes, adorned with everything from lush sugar bouquets to tubby pandas. Pretty OTT on design but they taste great.

Tel. +91 9920976000; Starts Rs 40 per cupcake.

Read our entire story and view the photogallery on

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Thursday, 28 July 2011 12:53
Sweettoot !!! they are the best

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