Mad Bites: Midnight Food Delivery
Thursday, 07 February 2013 07:50

A celebration has been devoured recently. A carcass stands where a party used to be. The chandeliers are streaked with soot from kohl eyed women and the fridge is an empty rib cage.

The party is over. Drunk and hungry you return home, with no will to make a bowl of Maggi or a sandwich. Enter Mad Bites, a new food delivery service that runs from 11 pm to 7 am and delivers all over Mumbai. The nocturnal buffet on their website ranges from salad and pasta to burgers and sandwiches, pizza, Chinese food and dessert. Stomach (gr)owl?

Yesterday, bpb's midnight snack consisted of the Teriyaki chicken burger (Rs 130), schezwan chicken (Rs 140) and a double chocolate brownie (s 75). Calling Mad Bites on the phone (lines open only at 11 pm) is much easier than placing an order online we found - the website needs to be more intuitive. But once you place an order, the alerts are quite impressive, starting from an email to confirm your order and one when your food has left the kitchen with a tracking number. Also, full marks for punctuality, as our order reached us  exactly an hour later as promised.

The Graveyard Shift

While the food is packed neatly and sent with plastic cutlery in case you're at one of those ill-equipped friend's homes, our burger looked like it was massacred. The Teriyaki sauce has dripped out from one side making the bun completely soggy. The filling was tasty - it has boneless pieces of chicken and no lettuce, onions or tomato - but the accident had just rendered it too unappetising. The schezwan chicken fared far better and came in a leak-proof plastic box, with Sellotape just in case. This gravy, not overtly red but super spicy, is just what you want to eat with a mound of rice after a few drinks. The double chocolate brownie was dry and sandpaper like, without any hints of rich chocolate and not more than a bite level of edible.

We get that the point of such a service is ease of ordering, reasonable prices and promptness, so we weren't expecting restaurant level food. And you shouldn't either. So as long as you skip dessert, and opt for a spicy gravy dish with rice, you will be appropriately happy. Even though the party is over.

Getting there: Mad Bites, call 8080804040 or order on, Rs 140 for chicken Hakka Noodles.


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Comments (1)
Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:24
Sheetal Mehra
What a great idea. I am sure Mad bites will do really well

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