Derham & Derham: A Cheesy Story
Wednesday, 12 March 2014 11:41

There are several ways to have an affair with cheese.

It could be pure passion by the fluroscent light of a refrigerator on a stormy night after a few drinks; a quiet romance with a glass of wine and a favourite book or just aging love that's weathered storms, new apartments and sometimes mouldy bits on the fromage. We confess to having experienced all of these in the last 24 hours thanks to Derham & Derham.


Stick A Knife In It


Rupert, an erstwhile trained Opera singer realised on a trip to Darjeeling that while India was as exotic and beautiful as he'd imagined, he was homesick for the hearty cheese he was used to back at home in the UK. This simple problem turned into a business idea with his sister Emma, who works with a charity organisation full time, and thus started Derham & Derham- an online gourmet cheese store which brings traditionally made British cheese to India.


A curated menu boasts of beautiful cheese each with a backstory and a point of origin. Waxed cheddars from the Tobermorey Isle of Mull, single & double Gloucester cheese, organic cheddar from Godminster and the Shorrocks Lancashire Bomb which is wrapped in black wax and topped off with a rounded head looks suspiciously like a real bomb. Now don't just go off, read on !


Some (bo)Vine ?


Having showcased in a few food festivals in India, Derham & Derham is looking to set up shop in Delhi and is meanwhile shipping cheese across the country. We got ourselves a burgundy wax wrapped Godminster Organic Cheese (especially suitable for vegetarians). This yellow handmade cheese from Somerset in South West England has a delicious straightforward creaminess with the slightest undertone of caramel.

A more assertive flavour was confirmed in the two Isle of Mull cheddars we tried next. Produced on the West coast of Scotland, the cheddar wrapped in black wax was laced with whiskey, far crumblier than the Godminister with a warm depth. An excellent companion to a deep ruby, we concluded after detailed research (further notes on this are hazy!).


The second Isle of Mull cheddar is traditionally produced and leaves an earthy, slightly pungent after-taste. Rupert shared that anyone who has travelled and lived in the English countryside will be reminded of its particular sweet smell each time they try this cheese.


Currently taking orders (larger orders preferred for ease of shipping), Derham & Derham ships pan-India in excellent shipping boxes which preserve the cheese well. Each shipping box is accompanied with specific 'tasting notes' which help you decide how best to use the cheese. Though Emma maintains that her favourite parings are traditional: with wine, crackers, grapes, pears and sometimes just out of the box. If the order is large enough and you ask nicely Rupert might sing for you in his opera trained voice. Curd you believe it?


Getting There: Visit website at . Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to place an order. Approx. Rs 620 for a 200g whiskey infused cheddar wheel.


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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 11:04
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