bpb Review: Haochi, Sun-n-Sand
Tuesday, 03 December 2013 11:06

Growing up in the ‘90’s, this writer remembers childhood trips to fancy hotels for meals- reserved only for when the ‘cousins from abroad’ came to visit. Sea Rock, Holiday Inn, Sun-n-Sand Hotel were the most visited, but soon fell off the radar when newer hotels and restaurants opened across the city. So when she heard of the Juhu hotel’s new restaurant, Haochi, she jumped at the opportunity to make a visit. Haochi going?

Juhu-s There?

In an almost forgotten corner of Juhu, Haochi, Sun-n-Sand’s latest offering and their attempt to revive the business comes with tasteful but fairly generic interiors featuring dark wood tables, cushy seating and oriental lotus patterns on a wall.

Hungry by the time we got there, we ordered the Pork and Shrimp Dumpling and the Chilli Lotus Root ( on the recommendation of our server ) to start with. With Bonobo music (full points for that) in the background to set the mood, we glanced through the concise menu while we waited for our food. The restaurant serves up a large offering of cocktails, dimsum and starters, while their variety of mains is much smaller. Not for non-vegetarians sitting on the fence, the Pork & Shrimp Dumpling, with the strong taste of the mixed meats was heavy on the palate and stomach. The Chilli Lotus Root, chopped pieces of Lotus Root doused in a spicy chilli sauce was fiery, but appetizing.

Love Me Tender(loin)

Our mains, the Pork Tenderloin in a honey chilli sauce and the Barbeque Chicken Rice came soon enough. The rice tossed in barbeque sauce was too sweet for our liking – we had to douse it with fair amounts of soy sauce to balance the flavours, but the tenderloin was nicely cooked and well flavoured-something not a lot of restaurants get right with this meat.

We might return to Haochi, to sample their larger dimsum menu and cocktails, but with all the cheaper competition in the area, the restaurant has to try hard to stay on the radar, as the hotel fights to reinvent itself and steer clear from its fuddy duddy tag.

Music by Bonobo is a good start.

Getting There: Haochi, Sun-n-Sand Hotel, Juhu , call 26201811 to make a reservation, meal for two: Rs 2,693.

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Monday, 14 April 2014 01:15

Well i didn't have an option but to give a minimum of 1 as rating for their sercice although i believe they deserve even lesser. Through my previous visits i found the ambience, location, quality of food etc fine but i always found their service appalling! But this time they managed to upgrade from worse to worst. Their staff ( especially one Mr. Vivek Bhalla, supposedly and ironically the manager of the Haochi restaurant) made sure that we had the worst experience with his outright unacceptable behaviour. Instead of offering to help us with a concern he had the audacity to threaten us and embarass us in front of our guests who were visiting us from the US and further, unapologetically, refused to give us any service saying "noone can do anything to me" when we threatened that we will complain against him to his superiors. If at all anyone concerned from this hotel is reading this and is concerned about the betterment of your hotel i advice you to either remind such impudent employees that they're providing service in a 5 star hotel and not some road side dhaba, teach them how to talk to distinguished guests or replace them with more courteous ones. Am frankly very disappointed with this hotel and vow never to visit again.

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