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Review: Brewery at The White Owl
Wednesday, 22 October 2014 10:19


Despite the many licensing issues required to start a micro brewery in Mumbai, the folks at The White Owl didn’t lose hoot…er heart.

After over a year of opening the restaurant and bar at Lower Parel, the brewery finally got a license, and is now serving their own craft beers.  The second functional brewery bar in the city after The Barking Deer, The White Owl offers four beer varieties and some small plates to go with it.

At Mumbai's First Krispy Kreme
Tuesday, 21 October 2014 09:38

Homer would be happy, we thought, watching a ton of people scarf down a ton of donuts at the city's first Krispy Kreme in Powai. Two more outposts of the international donut chain to follow in Bandra and Juhu. An epic called Horde-yssey? We think so. 

Dough, Re, Me Fat So...

When we visited last evening, the store ( that replaced Gloria Jeans in Hiranandani Gardens) was sprinkled with a bunch of teenagers eager to try out the doughnuts and catch up on gossip, a few stags who sat by the all glass pane and some couples that gazed at the see through kitchen in between slurps of coffee.

Sponsored: The Table’s Diwali Hamper
Monday, 20 October 2014 11:21
Scoop: Kaboom To Open In Ballard Estate!
Friday, 17 October 2014 11:48

What: Scoop! Kaboom @ Cafe Model, 3A Spott Road, next to Grand Hotel, Ballard Estate.

Nordic Kandie To Launch First Store
Thursday, 16 October 2014 11:09

Sweet treats this morning.

After news of Krispy Kreme and the Ellipsis' standalone bakery launches, our favourite marzipan brand is finally opening its own store on Saturday, 18th October!

Nordic Kandie Magic will set up shop in Kemp's Corner, where they will sell their signature gold and silver plated marzipans made with an Estonian recipe and mamra almonds sourced from Iran. These come assorted and packed in fancy boxes that are nice for gifting.  
We sampled them in April when they launched their gourmet service and recommend the  fresh cool mint and zesty orange flavours. 

Getting There: #1, Vasant Villa, 3 Peddar Road, Kemp's Corner, Rs 1850 for a 215 gms box.

The Parfait Co: New Parfait Only Delivery
Tuesday, 14 October 2014 09:58

“This is not ice cream. This is its fussy French cousin.”

A cousin who is used to holidays on the Riviera, big furs and luxurious strolls in manicured gardens, you’ll find when you take your first spoon of Sharmeen Indorewala ‘s offering – cold French Dessert Parfait.

Tomorrow she launches this specialised parfait-only delivery service in the city, under the brand The Parfait Co, sending out ten flavours that were picked after months of feeding friends who served as guinea pigs. Boy, did we pick the wrong people to be friends with.

Shar-meen Lean Parfait Machine

If like us, you’re imagining tall glasses of dessert layered with cream and fruit and ice cream, you’re imagining the American version of parfait. In France and most of Europe, it’s really just rich and creamy ice cream-like dessert made with heavy cream, eggs and all natural flavours.

Sharmeen is armed with what many home chefs in Mumbai have today -  a Le Cordon Bleu degree – and used to be the pastry chef at Kala Ghoda restaurant Nico Bombay. She was part of the team responsible for introducing parfait into the apple cinnamon dessert, an improvisation that came from the fact that they didn’t have their own ice cream maker.

During that time, she also started preparing parfait at home, and it soon turned into her husband’s favourite dessert. “I won’t say we got addicted to it. The right thing would be to say we got used it,” she says. That’s when Sharmeen decided that everyone should have access to this delicious “habit”. “The cool thing is that parfait is usually available as part of plated desserts in fine dine restaurants. I don’t know anyone else who sells them in tubs and makes them as accessible and casual as regular ice cream.”

Snowman Ship

Four parfait boxes arrived at our office via an icebox yesterday afternoon, prettily packaged, brightly coloured and covered in snow flakes, which is The Parfait Co’s logo. The well-balanced Salted Caramel and just-enough-sweet Pomegranate versions were our favourites, the rich Hazelnut Crème came a close second, and the Passion Fruit we thought could do with a little more fruit. With all the flavours though, the texture remained consistent and impeccable – silky and so, so creamy. That’s when you understand Sharmeen’s “fussy French cousin” analogy. Other flavours include Belgian chocolate (one of Sharmeen’s favourites), strawberry, blueberry, tangerine, milk chocolate and espresso.

How To Eat Parfait

You eat it just like ice cream. The only difference is that parfait has no artificial flavours or colours or stabilizers, and yet the same shelf life as ice cream. Just stick it in the freezer, eat as is or top with fruits and crumble.

Like all fussy cousins you’ll find that this one can also be a bit of a pain– you have to do a pick up if you don’t live in South Bombay – but ultimately, a treat to be around.

Getting there: The Parfait Co, launches on October 15. Call 9920029229, delivery from Haji Ali to Gowalia Tank, pick up from Gowalia Tank for others, starts at Rs 395 for a 500 ml tub. Follow them on Instagram on @theparfaitco and visit

Sponsored: Diwali Hampers from Godrej Nature's Basket
Monday, 13 October 2014 09:52

***This post is sponsored by Godrej Nature’s Basket***

There are gifters and then there’s you. Always imaginative, proving that while you can give a friend a wad of cash for Diwali – losing in teen patti aside – you want the gift to be fun, match the giftee’s personality and be appropriate for the situation.

We help you achieve just that, sifting through the Diwali Nature’s Basket hampers and matching them with your friends.

Organic Gourmet Hamper For Your Crossfit Obsessed Friend: Always bragging about how many planks they can do. Always nagging you about your expanding waist line. Always lagging far behind at the dessert counter. Get him/her the Organic Gourmet Hamper. By the time they’re done going through the multi-grain muesli ,  flax seeds, white quinoa, organic honey and more, you would have finished a bunch of dessert without their watchful eyes on you.

The Grand Coffee Treat Hamper For Your Zoned Out Friend: Have friends who take a year to complete a sentence? Nothing will perk them up like this Grand Coffee Treat Hamper with a selection of exotic coffees, biscuits and Diwali candles. Also see, Tea Fiesta Hamper.

Fruity Celebration For Your Over The Hill Friend: We all have that one friend who’s over the hill, even if he or she is a month older than the rest of the gang. They’re the ones who turn that terrible age first, and the old people joke is always on them. Continue the mockery with this Fruit Basket , because nothing says old guy like a fruit hamper.

World Cuisine Hamper for the Show Off: So there’s that guy who’s always place dropping, talking about how the Mexican food in Mumbai isn’t like it is in Mexico. Perfect Diwali gift would be the Mexican Cuisine Hamper featuring spicy jalapeno, salsa, tortilla chips and more. There’s even hampers that belong to other countries like Thailand.

Festive Celebration Hamper For Your Better Half: Chocolate, dry fruit, juice, champagne all make up this beautifully packed hamper.

Have other kinds of friends? Nature’s Basket has other hampers too. Ones that are centered around dry fruit, chocolate, gourmet spreads and more! Plus, there’s one we’re giving you. You won’t know what it is and why because it’s called Exquisite Surprise!

Happy Diwali!

Getting there: Diwali gifting hampers from Nature’s Basket, order online on, delivery within 24 hours, start at Rs 400.

***This post is sponsored by Godrej Nature’s Basket***

Scoop: Kofuku Owner To Launch Korean Restaurant!
Monday, 13 October 2014 09:49


If you’ve whined about the absence of Korean food in Mumbai, this is for you. The guys behind Japanese restaurant Kofuku are starting up Heng Bok, a new Korean restaurant in Bandra.

Launching next week (they’re hoping to start on the 17th) at Turner Road, the kitchen will serve Korean specials including kimchi, galbi, barbeque pork ribs, and will even send individual grills to tables. There will also be a small selection of sushi, should you have a Kofuku craving.

We’ll raise out glasses of soju to that!

Getting there: 11/1, Kalpak Corner Building, Turner Road, Bandra (W), call 26510044/66/77.

Ca-noodle With The Ramen Girl
Monday, 13 October 2014 09:44

It Udon-ed upon Roshni Lachhwani quite early in life, that she would never be happy doing just one thing.

After completing an LLB course last year and working as an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR ) lawyer at a top city firm, she still felt like she had time for more. “I’m not that person who can do the work-and-back-home routine. I need another dimension. Noodles gave me that.”

We bite on the obvious using your noodle joke, as she tells us about her childhood in Hong Kong, where her love for ramen first began. “I’d eat ramen almost every day, for every meal. I was obsessed.” Moving back to India and unhappy with the noodle varieties here, she began to experiment with recipes of her own. After some trial and error and much persuasion by friends and family, Roshni has set up her own ramen home business, The Ramen Girl.

Grapes of Broth

To help fuel those busy days and lives of people stuck in the work/home rut (sound familiar?), Roshni serves up ‘bowls of chi’, or energy to get you by. Experimenting with fusion broths of soy and ginger for vegetarians and beef and pork broth for non-vegetarians, her ramen bowls come with fresh veggies like corn, tomato, spring onions, deep fried soya beans, with additional topping options like sausages and chicken cubes for meat eaters. We sampled the vegetarian bowl last afternoon- a tangle of ramen noodles sitting in a cloudy soy and ginger broth, flavoured but not overwhelmed by its crunchy veggies. Well done, but we would have preferred to see more interesting ingredients like assorted mushrooms and scallion.

Oompa Lumpia

Apart from the ramen bowls, Roshni also makes spring onion rings (deep fried in maida batter), Cheese Lumpia (thinly sliced cheese rolled in a lumpia wrapper) and a Choconut Roulade, all of which will be available at her stall at the Bombay Local pop up at The Easel, on October 19.

The crunchy onion rings and Cheese Lumpia make for addictive snacks, but could have been more skillfully put together in terms of taste and presentation. The Choconut Roulade, sprinkled with coconut shavings and riveted with chunky nuts was quickly polished off.

Roshni is currently taking only party and bulk orders, and can either drop off the ramen to where you are with DIY instructions, or assemble it for you at the venue. And if that’s not enough, she can throw in some IPR advice too, at a special rate. A real noodle republic, this.

Getting There: The Ramen Girl, prices start at Rs 99 for a ramen bowl, one box of onion rings with five pieces for Rs 150, see her Facebook page here , free delivery in Andheri West only, delivery charges apply for orders beyond the radius.

White Owl Brewery Tour for bpb
Monday, 13 October 2014 09:43

Birds of a feather, flock together to The White Owl, that has finally got its beer brewing license and is all set to launch on October 17. The Brewery will serve four types of beer - Diablo (an Irish Red Ale), Halcyon (a classic German Hefeweizen), Shadow (an English Porter), Torpedo (an American Pale Ale).

Now here’s the fun bit: bpb subscribers get an exclusive tour on October 18 at 7 pm, to experience the process of hand crafting artisanal beers. The happy ending involves sampling the four beers. Write in to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and CC This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with “BPBWHITEOWL” in the subject. The first ten to write in get free tours + beer, while the remaining 20 pay Rs 600 each.

See you then, my feathered friend.

Getting there: The White Owl Brewery, One Indiabulls Centre, Tower 2-B Lobby, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, call 24210231, view the Facebook page here

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