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Doolally In Bandra Soon!
Friday, 19 December 2014 12:34

Doolally In Bandra Soon!

Doolally In Bandra Soon!

What: Pune’s Doolally Taproom to open in Bandra, shop number 5/6, Geleki, ONGC Colony, next to Candies, Reclamation, Bandra (W).

Why: If you’ve been foam-ing around Bandra looking for craft brews, this bit of news is for you. Pune’s brewery Doolally has set up shop in the suburb and will open their taproom very, very soon. Everything is in place including interiors, staff and menu, and shutters will go up as soon as, you guessed it, licenses arrive. Expect brews such as the German wheat beer- Hefeweizen and apple cider, along with Shepherd’s Pie and Poutine on the menu.

When: You need a new brew code.

Sponsored: Christmas at Indigo Deli!
Friday, 19 December 2014 11:27

Sponsored: Christmas at Indigo Deli!

Sponsored: Christmas at Indigo Deli!

***This  post is sponsored by Indigo Deli***

Your neighbour aunty has left town for the holidays, and no one’s sending over a plum cake this Christmas. Take your empty cake tray down to Indigo Deli where old fashioned Christmas treats are waiting to be picked up. There’s Deli Boozy Christmas Pudding, spiced apple and walnut cake, gingerbread cookies, mince pies, Kugelhopf, marzipan cake pops, pecan pies, stollen, pumpernickel and more. 

Before you hop out, also think about spreading the cheer with the Deli’s gifting options -  gourmet Christmas hampers that can be customised and gift vouchers in any amount.

Return On Christmas

Diners, return for their special  Christmas menu on December 24, 25 and 26 featuring Smoked Leg of Ham, Roast Turkey Roulade with the Deli special stuffing, moreish pecan pie and Butter Pecan ice cream, lasagna, cannelloni, and more. If you’d rather host at home, ask for their special take-away Xmas party menu that includes American Butterball Roast Turkey stuffed with apple, cornbread, prunes, bacon, sausage and served with accompaniments of rosemary potatoes, cranberry sauce and orange and brandy spiced jus that needs to be ordered two days in advance and picked up from the restaurant.

Get Baked

If you want to be the host who takes it one step further, sign up for their baking demo at Indigo Deli, Malad, on December 20 to learn how to put together Classic ginger & pumpkin pie, Indigo Deli Christmas pudding, Pecan milk bar pie, Chocolate & salted caramel cake, fresh strawberry & mascarpone tart.


Getting there: Christmas specials, menu and catering available at all Indigo Deli outlets at Colaba, Palladium, Bandra, Andheri, Malad and Ghatkopar. Follow them on and Tweet to them @IndigoDelis. 

***This  post is sponsored by Indigo Deli***

The Chocolate Factory by Varun Inamdar
Friday, 19 December 2014 11:04

The Chocolate Factory by Varun Inamdar

The Chocolate Factory by Varun Inamdar

What: The Chocolate Factory, Ecuador by Varun Inamdar, available at Godrej Nature’s Basket outlets, Rs 750 for a box of twelve.

Why: With no top hat or bowtie, Varun Inamdar doesn’t exactly fit the description of Willy Wonka, but that hasn’t stopped him from owning a chocolate factory. In association with the Consulate of Ecuador, this former executive pastry chef at Oberoi Hotel has launched a brand of luxe bonbons made from Ecuadorian chocolate. We tried and loved the velvety chocolates infused with blueberry extract, strawberry, burnt vanilla and coffee flavours.

When: You want to get your foot in the Ecuador.

bpb Scoop: Fire n Ice Is Coming Back!
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 19:45

bpb Scoop: Fire n Ice Is Coming Back!

bpb Scoop: Fire n Ice Is Coming Back!

Here come those seductive rumours again. The ones that float around like skeins of mist, settling over a crowd that can’t resist them.

One of the most persistent speculations is that Fire n Ice, the iconic Bombay nightclub, is set to open up again. The rumour pops up every few months, fueled by nostalgia and wishful thinking in a city that desperately needs a fun, happy place to party at. But this time, bpb has confirmations.

Co-owner Ketan Kadam tells us: "Yes, Fire n Ice will be opening up soon, but we’re still deciding on the best location from among the few we have zeroed in on. It’s definitely going to be in South Bombay." Ketan originally founded the club with partner Vishal Shetty.

Ketan says that while Fire n Ice will return in its original avatar of nightclub, it will also serve as an “entertainment centre”, featuring a concert set-up to capitalise on all the traffic of DJs visiting Mumbai. “The space should be able to fit about 1,200 standing people quite easily. Other than small concerts, it will also be used to promote new talent and DJs.” 

Stay tuned for more updates.

Follow us on @bpbmumbai on Twitter and @bpbweekend on Instagram for more updates.

Suzette Now Sells Its Caramel In Jars
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 12:23

Suzette Now Sells Its Caramel In Jars

Suzette Now Sells Its Caramel In Jars

We can wax eloquent about Suzette’s caramel sauce for hours, comparing it to sunshine, Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair, silence and all things golden.

But we won’t, because no one should talk with his or her mouth full. We’ve got our hands on what is probably one of the first caramel jars from Suzette’s new ready-to-pick-up label Suzette & Co (launches today), that will sell sauces at its two outlets, and eventually, at gourmet stores.

Starting with the caramel because that is “a traditional recipe from Brittany, the same region where our crepe flour comes from”, Suzette sells 200 gm jars for Rs 200 each. “We call it salidou and it’s nothing more than salted butter, sugar and cream. Basically, all the essential food groups,” laughs co-owner Antonia Achache.

Beside the obvious uses of Suzette’s caramel sauce – eat plain, spread on crepes, waffles, toast and ice cream – Antonia has some quick suggestions. “Add one apple, one tablespoon of yogurt or ice-cream, two ice cubes and caramel to taste in a blender for a Tart Tartin smoothie. You can also mix 100 gms of caramel and 50 gms of melted chocolate, pour in an ice tray and freeze overnight. Use them the next day as lollipops!”

Or, you can just do it our way: eat plain by the spoonful.

Getting there: Camarel sauce by Suzzette & Co available at Suzette, Nariman Point and Bandra, Rs 200 for 200 gms.

bpb Review: Kipos Eatery & Bar, Bandra
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 10:15

bpb Review: Kipos Eatery & Bar, Bandra

bpb Review: Kipos Eatery & Bar, Bandra

If we tell you we're dining at a new Greek restaurant, you're probably picturing it in your head already: white washed walls, blue accents that borrow shade cards from Santorini’s sea and boughs of bougainvillea.

Pasted from a postcard, sure, but Kipos Eatery & Bar in Bandra is still predictably pleasing to the eye, a new ‘Mediterranean inspired’ restaurant with an additional rooftop area and a large community table that doubles up as a dance floor.

Pita Sings the Blues

Considering Thalassa’s departure from the city some time ago, we wondered if Kipos could be the new place for us to stop by for Spanakopitas and cocktails.

If the hummus, that arrived first was anything to go by, we were certain this wasn’t going to happen. The chickpea mix was largely flavourless with a slightly sweet aftertaste, and the accompanying lamb was chewy and tough to get through. It’s a good thing then, that someone fussed over the pita bread so much, which was good enough to eat on its own. And that’s what we had to do until the Garlic Oregano Chicken got to our table. Tender, but a little salty for the table’s liking, this dish fared better but still wasn’t great. Avoid the Garlic Chilli Mushrooms altogether for its heavy spiced rub.

If you must depend on a course at Kipos, get a batch of watermelon martinis. Strong and familiar, it’s like meeting a good friend after a long day at work. The Kipos Signature (vodka, lime juice, Tabasco sauce, bell peppers) though, is like more of an acquaintance, one that you’d rather avoid, with elements that don’t really work together.

If you must depend on a course at Kipos, get a batch of watermelon martinis. Strong and familiar, it’s like meeting a good friend after a long day at work.

Under My Mozzarella…ella…ella

Impressively full for a Tuesday night, the buzz at Kipos kept us going for another round of food. And we’re glad we stayed because the dishes did get progressively better.

Get the Raptini pizza, embellished with bright bell peppers, broccoli, chicken sausages, corn and mozzarella. Appetising and light, it could be made better with a crisper base. The Chicken Gyros, a tightly packed Greek wrap with fresh tzatziki dip, succulent pieces of chicken and soft, soft pita was by far our best order for the night. Served with a side of potato wedges, and more sophisticated than the rolls at Carter Road’s Greko or Lokhandwala’s Gyros, the wrap had a subtle olive oil and lemon dressing. Skip the Molten Lava Cake that’s just one rung tastier than something you would order at a coffee shop.

The drinks at Kipos are well priced, the gyros, tasty, and the community table top, slick enough for you to showcase your moves. Overall, Kipos may have the weight to crack some plates, but the Internet is not breaking anytime soon.

Getting there:th floor, Crystal Shoppers Paradise, corner of 33rd and 24thRoad, off Linking Road, Bandra (W), call 26488567/9892863053. Rs 150 for a small Old Monk, Rs 200 for a small Smirnoff, Rs 200 for a pint of Kingfisher beer, Rs 2,960 for a meal for two with one drink each.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.

Sponsored: Christmas Hampers At Nature’s Basket
Tuesday, 16 December 2014 11:56

Sponsored: Christmas Hampers At Nature’s Basket

***This post is sponsored by Godrej Nature’s Basket***

It’s that time of the year again, when you’re using T’wis and T’was and getting kissed because you stood under a mistletoe. Or even if you didn’t.

And adding to these happy tidings, are Nature’s Basket’s Christmas hampers, baskets and boxes and stocking bedecked with hollies and stuffed with treats that might give Santa a complex. Here we help you match hampers with our favourite Christmas songs. Later, you can decide to match them with your friends and colleagues.

Christmas Hamper Playlist

Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart: If you gave it away the very next day, you probably have a vacant formerly sweet spot that needs to be filled ASAP. See the Holiday Treat in a Pretty Printed Box that includes candy canes and chocolate and muffins, all packed into one basket.

All I Want For Christmas Is You: And some Festive Indulgence, of course. For the gentleman who has everything, but still wants more, this glorious hamper features cookies, Christmas cake, sparkling juice, chocolate, stuffed olives, pasta and other gourmet treats.

Come All Ye Faithful: And Spread the Joy. The pretty box makes it ideal for gifting.

Ten Days of Christmas: If you’re going to party for ten days straight, get the Christmas Cheer in a Smart Wooden Chest. Glittery red candles to burn the midnight oil, included.

Must Be Santa: This Bob Dylan song will have you longing for a stocking and Santa’s Treats gives you just that, plus gourmet stuffing of Belgian chocolate, star-shaped cookies, Jujubes and more.

Jingle Bell Rock: If ‘jingle bell time is a swell time’, let this sweet treat rise to the occasion for you.

Queue these songs on to your Christmas playlist, and pick from one of these festive hampers (plus so many more featuring organic treats, tea, champagne, spreads, condiments) to put under the tree. Starting as low as Rs 450,  they’re also perfect for Secret Santa at the office this year.

Getting there: Christmas Hampers from Godrej Nature’s Basket, see the full list online here, start at Rs. 450.

***This post is sponsored by Godrej Nature’s Basket***

The Bohri Kitchen: Restaurant In A Colaba Apartment
Monday, 15 December 2014 10:57

The Bohri Kitchen: Restaurant In A Colaba Apartment

The Bohri Kitchen: Restaurant In A Colaba Apartment

Keeping with the tradition of starting a Bohri meal with something sweet, we begin our story today with Mrs Kapadia. At roughly 5 feet and three inches, Mrs Kapadia doesn’t exactly tower over you, but her enormous smile and SUV-size heart more than make up for her petite frame. Sitting in her leafy balcony at Casa Kapadia in Colaba, she chats with us about her love for food, her need to feed, and her natural cooking instinct. 

The sprawling Colaba apartment is where Mrs Kapadia and her son Munaf run their two-month old community meal venture, The Bohri Kitchen (TBK), where every Saturday, they serve an authentic Bohri Muslim meal to a group of diners no larger than eight people. While you don’t need to come with a partner, TBK does have a ‘no serial killer policy’, so you need to either know someone from the family or be a friend of a friend of a friend to attend.

“I was least bothered with cooking when I was in my mother’s house. It’s only after I got married did I really start spending time in the kitchen. My mother-in-law gave me the training of my life,” chuckles Mrs Kapadia, while keeping an eagle eye on the steady stream of food coming to our table.

We sip on refreshing rose syrup-infused watermelon juice, while Munaf recounts how while growing up, he never truly appreciated his mother’s cooking. “Everyone who came to our home always raved about the food. But for us, it was an everyday meal. It was only after I started sharing my lunch with some MBA friends, did I come up with the idea for TBK."

We pause for a moment to take in the sights and sounds around the table. Our dining companions ooh and aah at the arrival of breadcrumb coated chicken drumsticks and masala potatoes. Crunchy and well-marinated in ‘typical Bohri spices’, the gigantic drumsticks are succulent, while the spicy, slightly sweet potatoes have us almost licking the masala off the plate.

Mrs Kapadia smiles and nods. “Do you like it? The chicken was marinated overnight for the seasoning to really soak into the meat.”

Pre Order A Suckling Pig At Cafe Zoe!
Friday, 12 December 2014 15:15

Pre Order A Suckling Pig At Cafe Zoe!

Pre Order A Suckling Pig At Cafe Zoe!

What: Pre-order a suckling pig at Café Zoe, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Lower Parel, call, Rs 17,000 (feeds 10-12 people), call 24902065, Rs 450 + taxes for booking.

Why: Christmas is coming, and you’re snout-ing it from the rooftop. Come down and pre-order your meal at Café Zoe before they run out. From now until December 22, Chef Viraf is taking special orders for full suckling pig, turkey and duck, and will have it ready when you come in on Christmas day or night with family and friends. This will be accompanied with stuffing, cranberry sauce and sides. The pig weighs 5 kgs and can feed a mob of 12, so remember to round up the hungry hippos.

When: On December 25 for lunch and dinner. Last day to book is December 22.

Sponsored: First Edition Pop Up Dinner At Palladium Hotel
Friday, 12 December 2014 12:05

Sponsored: First Edition Pop Up Dinner At Palladium Hotel

Sponsored: First Edition Pop Up Dinner At Palladium Hotel

***This post is sponsored by Palladium Hotel***

Just when you feast expect it, Palladium Hotel pulls out another ace. While others stick to the usual Christmas lunch and dinner formats, this Lower Parel Hotel launches The Feast, a pop up festive dinner that will revolve around one central ingredient each time, and every edition will be held in a different area of the hotel.

The first of these is a festive meal that is centered around not you, but the turkey. Sign up for this dinner on December 19, and you will be treated to a special menu by Chef Paul Kinny featuring turkey dishes cooked in ten ways, inspired from ten cuisines like Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Caribbean and Italian. On the menu are Sriracha Turkey Salad, Turkey Sushi, Turkey Risotto and Classic Roast Turkey. Psst: we hear that dessert will contain the big bird too (no more details, it’s a surprise), and that every course will be paired with Chandon Brut and Chandon Rose.

There will only be one dinner with limited seating, so sign up and let it be the one you meat this Christmas. 

And for a first look, check out their cute homestyle video here.

Getting there: On Friday, December 19 at 8 pm. At level 38, Palladium Hotel, call 61628422 for reservations, 35 seats only- prior booking mandatory, Rs 3,500 plus taxes, including alcohol, follow them on Twitter here, get more details on their website here.

***This post is sponsored by Palladium Hotel***

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