Latha Sunadh, Content Head & Blogger

Friday, 27 May 2011 01:21

1. An Andy Warhol-ish copy of Marilyn Monroe on canvas that I bought at a flea market in Shanghai.
2. Pink bow: I love collecting post cards and my friends still mail me cards with inspirational quotes. A pack of them.
3. Polaroid camera: My parents’ prized possession. I have many childhood pictures and memories from this camera. It's priceless.
4. Diary open with a post-it and pen: I carry a book - a daily planner- a scribble pad in one to write down ideas wherever I go. This one's the yearly planner by Rubberband.
5. Pour Your Heart Into it is an amazing book by Howard Shultz about Starbucks. My one and only inspiration.
6. Guiseppe Zanotti shoes: My first big designer purchase. These wild-as-hell-Zanottis are reflective of who I am: black and white and red in between.
7. Orange bow: I still don't have a wedding album. I only carry CDs of my wedding.
8. How to Have a Good Day Everyday by Norman Vincent Peale is a small FREE booklet that came with a book. It's given to me by my dad and I carry it in my bag.

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Aasavri Borgharkar, Psychology Student

Friday, 27 May 2011 17:11

1. Kite runner by Khaled Hosseini.
2. My favourite Tommy Hilfiger watch.
3. A wallet by Guess.
4. Shot glasses from South Africa.
5. Bottle opener from Brussels.
6. A Family photo.


Mansi Poddar, Secret Scouter

Friday, 27 May 2011 17:09

(Clockwise, from top left)

1. My mother's typewriter, which i'll keep forever. The bb, though, will be replaced with a younger model as soon as financially feasible.
2. (In above mentioned typewriter), the first high school English essay I got an A on. Mr Menon was a hard sell.
3. Clay sailboat from Santorini, tattoo inspiration.
4. Kickboxing gloves for the street fights I'm bound to get into.
5. Enid Blytons, my oldest, dearest books.
6. Ipod, because a little dancing helps a lot.
7. Good jewelry. I'm not being sentimental here, these can be hawked for some serious cash.
8. Receipt from Buttercup Bakery in New York for a much-deserved cupcake at 9.43 am on February 18, 2011. That was a good morning.
9. Sequined skirt. Because what else would you wear while escaping a fire?
10. Keys to my cousin's home in Queens, NY. Haven for when I get into trouble or need to do laundry or you know, burn my house down.
11. Kanika Parab's pink flask, which can store an astonishing amount of alcohol. Reminder of good times and remedy for bad.
12. Poker chip from Macau, the best birthday trip ever. Thanks, Poppy!
13. Dinky cab and letter that went a long way in dispelling homesickness. I'm hoping it'll help this time around, too.


Shilarna Vaze, Chef & Writer

Friday, 27 May 2011 17:04

1. My secret recipe book (yes, the sticker says “resistence is futile").
2. My Wusthof knife set from Le Cordon Bleu.
3. Passport- Seems like a good time to travel?
4. Elenya, my laptop.
5. My bb (Never learnt how to back it up on the laptop).
6. My Yves Saint Laurent dress that I want to wear at my wedding (and don't think I will ever own anything like it ever again).

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Kanika Parab, Secret Scouter

Friday, 27 May 2011 17:00

1. My Dave Matthews Band framed poster. It could make my new house feel like home.
2. Pin-up girl diary where I note down sentences I secretly wish I’d written.
3. Photo of my two loves, me and a crazy night.
4. Wind up Mozart music box from Vienna. No Kenny G in the elevator (defunct due to fire) but some Mozart on the stairs? Plus ticket to Massive Attack concert at a museum, also in Vienna. Reminds me of a super holiday with friends.
5. Retro sunglasses and what used to be an electric blue Sony discman that prove I should belong to an older, much cooler time.
6. My house keys (ironic?). Never leave home without them.
7. Calvin and Hobbes (Scientific Progress Goes Boink) with an inscription from my dad. For post-fire cheering up.
8. Silk chequered, comfy night shorts. They feel like home.
9. My clothes iron aka daily stress busting tool. It can smoothen the wrinkles right out of a bad day. This would qualify.
10. A bottle of Glenfiddich. Tonic for those who’ve lost their home to a fire. Or fire to a home.


Shaheen Peerbhai, Culinary Blogger

Friday, 27 May 2011 16:56

1.    Recipe journal filled with my grandma’s recipes.
2.    Passport.
3.    Amethyst necklace gifted by my sister.
4.    My book of ideas.
5.    KithenAid.
6.    Canon 550D and lenses.
7.    Le Creuset saucepan (gifted by someone special).
8.    My favourite purple dress.

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MissMalini, Celebrity Blogger

Friday, 27 May 2011 16:44

1. My pink bear. His name is Stewie (yes like the evil baby from Family Guy, but he's much nicer.)
2. A box of treasured baby pictures I haven't scanned yet.
3. My tattered copy of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. (Probably my favorite book of all time.)
4. Since my life is almost fully online now, my Macbook (mostly for all the videos and pictures saved up over the years)
5. My Blackberry (what would YOU do without a phone?!)
6. My Flip Video Camera (So I can make more memories and probably make a YouTube video of the burning house to share my grief!)
7. Lip Balm (I'm addicted.)
8. Daily-wear contact lenses
9. My Digital Camera (that's my old Sony Cybershot LPC* the new one is a Canon S95!)
10. Socks (my feet get cold easy.)
11. My Passport (you never know where you wanna go!)
12. My diamond engagement ring. My favorite possession of all time :)

*Little Pink Camera

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Deepika Hariani, Lifestyle Writer

Friday, 27 May 2011 12:44

1. My cute red dress.
2. The gaming addict in me would leave my PS3 to burn but would not leave my Super Mario video game behind.
3. My passport.
4. Credit card.
5. A bottle of Peanut Butter.
6. The Palace of Illusions. I could read this book over and over again and still not be bored.
7. A packet of butter popcorn.
8. Blow dryer.


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