Dhruva Samal

Tuesday, 07 June 2011 17:06

1. Wife and Mom - Save my life along with peeps who made my life..:)
2. Passports (of family and myself) - To travel in search of a new existence
3. Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist" - To constantly remind me that the true treasure lies more in what I saved than what I lost
4. Iphone - I suspect that it would come in handy considering how much I extensively use it!
5. Wallet with credit cards - As long as banks maintain a fire free existence, it would help to get on their friendlier side. (I'm guessing dinner invites are out of the question...:))


Brinda Nilesh, Homemaker

Tuesday, 07 June 2011 11:51

1. 50 yr. old sketches by my father
2. Photo album with all the beautiful memories of us, our two children (A & V), and their milestones
3. Music CDs
4. A & V's die cast metal toys...they can play with them for hours!!
5. Kiddie CD case
6. A water bottle
7. My sun-glasses... i don't remember ever going out without these
8. My little scrap book and pencil, for the countless to-do lists that I make
9. My brushes & colours
10. Our telephone diary
11. A pinecone which we picked during a walk
12. My Cannon camera- an old model now, but it never disappoints me
13. A beaded money purse - one of the few things safe kept from my childhood days!
14. My spouse N's newest toy - his ipad. Plus, his wallet!
15. And last but not the least, a small Buddha bust to keep me calm and allow me to carry on.


Rachana Shah

Wednesday, 01 June 2011 01:04

1. My priced possession, my son  - Aman with his priced possession the Buzz Lightyear.

2. Aman’s water bottle – after all the running around he would need to get hydrated.

3. Parle G – we don’t step out of the house without these biscuits if Aman is with us.

4. My wallet – money + credit cards + all the shopping cards with so many collected points.

5. Hard drive – with all the awesome music which I can't live without and the photographs.

6. The Schwinn - the best anniversary gift from my husband. It has kept me fit enough to be able to carry it down.

7. Our Passports – to travel so that we can overcome the shock.

8. My iPhone – with all the cool games to keep us distracted.

9. MacBook Pro – to help me get back to business.

10. My idea book – with all my money making ideas, to help us get back on our feet.


Reema Notani

Tuesday, 31 May 2011 13:02

1. Toothbrush and Toothpaste - We don't want to be smelling gross now, do we?!
2. Hairbrush - Must look presentable! :)
3. My passport - Most important thing ever! How will I ever travel?!
4. My Gucci bag which I have been wanting since years and finally got... no way I am leaving this! It always has my phone and phone charger (recently had my iphone stolen so using this nokia right now!), my wallet with ID, credit cards and cash (can buy food, clothes, anything with this), a shawl (I like to be cozy and can't sleep without a blanket or shawl), my make up bag, my keys (car, house, mom's house, everything!), my fav Tom Ford sunglasses (if you have been out of the house recently then you know why I need this!)
5. My mac book pro. Don't need any documents, pictures, insurance because everything is on this!
6. My chappals, ring, watch which I usually have on me anyway!


Janki & Rahil Mehta, Happy Campers

Tuesday, 31 May 2011 11:54

1. Us in comfy shoes - we'll have to run down 10 floors!
2. MacBook Pro - with all our data + photos + music
3. Our Passports - They've been lost a few times already - don't think they'll reissue any new ones! :)
4. Scrap Metal Yoda - So that the force is with us!
5. Travel fund piggy bank: if we don't have a house, perfect time to travel, no?
6. Central America LP - so that we know where to go!
7. Head Lamp - will come in handy to go down 10 floors in the dark
8. Big Red Robot - gift from my best friend to fuel my robotic obsession
9. Spork - now that's a handy one!
10. A mini stove + vessel - we're hungry people! And we don't want a canister going crazy in an inferno now do we!
11. Hip Flask - hic - my house on fire, and I'm not insured! - Lah no problemo
12. Our wedding photo + silver frame with super old photos of family
13. Thermarest - to perch our behinds after some time in the blaze
14. Bendies - to keep Rahil occupied
15. A customized Hussain artwork - housewarming our new shanty
16. Credit card - its GOLD, people! and imagine the bankers looking for us for recovery - while we're out camping in Central America!


Khushnaz Bode

Tuesday, 31 May 2011 11:23

1. My Cow bank, with loads of old coins collected by me and my Grandad.
2. My wallet, i never run out of money when carrying that.
3. My favorite book by ballistic publishing.
4. My Bag.
5. My Swimsuits.
6. A CD with a video of my crazy friends wishing me on my birthday.
7. My pen tablet, my favorite. My bread and butter.
8.My Shrek pendrive.
9. And my favourite ring and watch.


Joy Manavath

Monday, 30 May 2011 22:20

1. Pair of canvas shoes.
2. My dearest Isabelle, without her sweet sound i would be lost. Best gift i got from my gf.
3. Credit Cards -- so that i can max them out and be on the run (assuming my house burns down) the banks would never find me. *Evil Laugh*
4. Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals, cook-book. Coz food always makes me happy and cooking them even happier.
5. Shaver .. i might be homeless but i sure don't want to look like one.
6. A watch, that mom n sister gave me for by birthday.
7. A copy of Shantaram - i never managed to finish it, so i guess now  would be the time.
8. Lonely planet India - I have travel and always wanted to backpack around the country .. hell why not!
9. Taboo .. come on who doesn't love the game.
10. My favorite blue shorts
11. My first android .. connecting me with the world via Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and email. Oh and it has Angry Birds.
12. And of-course the bottle of Glenfiddich, its a great single malt .. go figure! 


1. My hard drive: It contains all the work I have done since Design College 10 years ago. It also has all my favorite movies and my entire
music collection.  It is pretty much my life.
2. My first generation white Ipod Nano I had ordered from the US when it had just launched. It has many nostalgic playlists.
3. My Mr. Lazy Snuff Box. Do I need to say more?
4. My compass. I don't just use to check vastu directions. I also have used it while I was lost driving through an area I had no clue of. I just knew I had to drive towards north. Very very helpful :)
5. A laminated copy of the first cheque I had ever recieved!!! For my  first paid internship with an architect :)
6. A framed happy memory of my darling sister and me when we were kids living in the UK.
7. An old tattered translated unabridged paperback version of Les Liaisons Dangereuses I found while I was walking through a flea market quite randomly. Its my favorite book of all time.
8. A crumpled copy of my French friend's Tiramisu secret recipe that almost got thrown away. Its delicious :)
9. My sunglasses :)
10. The first watch I ever owned. My mom bought it for me from Belgium when she went backpacking through Europe with her best friend. She was 42 years old. This is a reminder that no matter how old you are, the world is still your oyster.
11. My silver bell keychain.
12. A Schaeffer  pen I was gifted when I going to go to Milan for my masters.
13. My little box of colour pencils from Muji I bought in Milan and my happy orange sketchbook.  
14. The essentials: Passport/drivers licence/ATM card
15. My Italian permit of stay. Proof that I did indeed live in Italy for a year :D Probably the best and worst year of my life.
16. A pair of my favorite heels that go with almost everything and my Coccinelle purse.


Sakshi Singh

Sunday, 29 May 2011 15:43

1. My big pink diary: Where I write everything and save all my memorabilia and has my unpublished manuscript).
2. My brass fan: Battery operated and handy and can use it no matter where Iam).
3. My big tote: Which has everything from data chord, usb, backup drive + cosmetics.
4. A pink hot water bottle: In case it's that time of the month and all I need is a bit of TLC.
5. Pink eye mask: Can't bear to sleep in the faintest of light.
6. My compact tool kit: Has a mouse, my backed up hard drive with all data, many wires, usbs can connect me to whatever, however, anytime and on the go too!
7. Sling pouch - Contains short change (You know how the autos and bus conductors can be).


Shalmali Kulkarni

Sunday, 29 May 2011 15:30

1. My wallet which has my keys and driving licence. Don't go anywhere without it.
2. My laptop...has all my movies and music and most of all, all my pics from many many years.
3. My diary....it's very heavy but over all it makes me very light.
4. My scrap book...has my bestest friends and bestest memories.
5. My Superman chain. My first ever bling.
6. My bow ring. A gift....
7. My sunglasses. Right now they are my favourite and I don't go anywhere without them.
8. My BB.
9. BB charger obviously.
10. My watch...my brother's first ever gift.
11. And lastly my BIG BAG to carry all of it and because I just cant leave it behind.


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