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Friday, 11 May 2012 16:36

In this new weekly column, filmmaker Danish Aslam will be your purveyor of the finest quality random facts, useless trivia and other esoterica from the world wide web. He lives mostly behind a keyboard and may or may not be a wizened old green man who speaks in grammatically incorrect aphorisms.

Jumping Into Puddles

That's what 'Hoppípolla" literally translates as. And if you think you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, you're probably wrong. This is Icelandic band Sigur Ros' most famous song ever, so much so that it was nicknamed 'The Money Song' while they were writing it. You might recognize it from the trailers of 'Slumdog Millionaire' (kicks in at 1:20), 'Children of Men' and countless other TV spots. What's amazing about it, apart from the smile-inducing title and the sheer joyfulness of the music, is the fact that it has near-universal appeal despite being sung almost entirely in Icelandic with some nonsense phrases thrown in from a language the band invented called 'Hopelandic'. That, and the very cute video.

PS: In 2009, Chicane did a remix, cleverly titled 'Poppiholla' (kicks in at 0:30). Definitely worth checking out. And maybe shaking a leg to.

Pop Culture Remix

Salvador Dali in a Vampire Weekend T-shirt? Frida Kahlo as a Daft Punk fan? The Dalai Lama sporting a boombox and  asking all the ladies to "Quiver"? A hipster He-Man? The one thing linking all these surreal-sounding things is the fertile (and, I'm assuming, somewhat feverish) imagination of Chilean illustrator Fabian Ciarolo. In a perfect blend of pop culture reimagined in vivid colors, his blog makes you want to collect each and every one of these images and show them to the world. Hell, I'm a fan just because he put Lion-O in a fur-lined jacket.

The End of Technology

We are where we predicted we would be 15 years ago. But where do we go now? In this thought-provoking article from theatlantic.com, Alexis Madrigal shows us how user-level technological innovations have now started stagnating and are becoming repetitive clones of each other on an ever-narrowing playing field. What is the next Facebook and what the iPhone 5 should be are some of the questions we need to start asking.

The Avengers, circa 1978

I'm assuming that by now, we've all seen 'The Avengers' and contributed to its record-shattering run (thank you, Joss Whedon). But this video, continuing in the new trend of making 'premakes' (more on that next week), imagines the movie if it had been made in 1978 by splicing together footage from various TV shows of that time. Apparently, the villains would have been the band Kiss (fair enough) & Alan Alda would have been perfectly acceptable as Hawkeye. But my WTF moment goes to Iron Man. If that 'costume' isn't severe Freudian overcompensation, I don't know what is. Although I would love to see Robert Downey Jr. rocking that look. "Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist……and apparently now a giant machine for pleasuring women."

PS (there's a lot of these happening today): 1978 not cool enough? How about the 1952 version of The Avengers? Funnily, this version of Iron Man seems a tad bit more respectable.

25 Things You Need To Stop Doing

Not much explanation required here. And I am guilty of a few of these, particularly "Getting mad when people haven't seen a movie/TV show."

Game of Thrones Catchup

"Winter is coming". And if it isn't for you, then you need to get on board the GoT train. Apparently, the show's a little confusing for noobs, what with all the kings and kingdoms and characters and family trees and houses and deaths and imps and…..you get the picture. To all the people who haven't read the books and find it necessary to have a notepad handy to make complex genealogical trees and flowcharts during episodes, I say, "You deserve it!" (a.k.a. No. 26 on the list of things to stop doing: "Getting mad when people haven't read the book of the movie/TV show.") But for those who can't be bothered to sit through 5 books with an average page count of 900, here's a handy little set of videos taken from the extras in the Season 1 Blu-Ray. I would recommend going straight to the descriptions of the Houses first and then getting into 'History & Lore', only if you're really into it. And read the books…..seriously!

The Third Dimension of Movie Posters

An innovative series of ads by the Brazilian branch of Y&R for the LG 3D Surround Home Theatre System. Yet another simple idea that makes you go, "Of course! Why didn't I think of that??" Check out the Forrest Gump and Kill Bill links on the same page as well.

The Dark Knight Changes

We've all looked at the night sky and wondered if it wouldn't be improved by a giant bat logo spotlit on the clouds. We haven't? Was I thinking aloud again? Ah well, the point here is that said logo has not always been the same since it was created in 1939. And here, in one video, Rodrigo Rojas has compiled all the known variations over the last 70 years. It's quite fascinating to see just how many times it's changed, mostly for the worse (A face and eyes? Really?)

And if you're in seriously uber-geek territory, here's the first of a 5-part article discussing the logos over the years. Knock yourself out.

MacBook Stickers

If you have a Mac you deserve to decorate it with your own unique piece of artwork. Or a cool sticker. Whatever works for you. If it's the latter, here are some of the best ones available right now along with links for where to get them (mostly international sources, unfortunately). My favorites: Banksy and PacMan.

Bathroom Vertigo

Most people aim for a bathroom to be a place of quiet contemplation and relaxation (sometimes when you're in the tub as well) and the room where you get most of your reading done. But being shit-scared (pardon the pun) is not an emotion I'd like to confront while I stumble in groggy-eyed every morning. Which is exactly what would happen if I walked in to find a glass floor over an unused elevator shaft with a clear view 15 stories down. For some reason, Mexican architect Hernandez Silva decided that this makes sense and so we have this penthouse apartment in Guadalajara, Mexico where dropping something on the floor becomes a whole new experience.


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