The Bandra Base
Wednesday, 06 February 2013 08:03

If WETHEPPL is an army of cool, it only makes sense that they should have a Base camp.  Mentioned by bpb in passing during the Bandra Pop-up Festival, we figured The Bandra Base, a performance/rehearsal/workshop space required a separate mention. We haven’t even said open mic night yet, and you’re already reaching for that poem you wrote last week. Put it back in your pocket!

Kishore In the City

Since the Base was set up, unpolished notes have found rehearsal space, travellers have met up, kathak dancers have danced, film reels have unfurled and verses have found real estate. All this against a pretty wall displaying pictures of Kishore Kumar, Frida Kahlo, Bob Marley and other wonderful people.

The idea of the Base they say, is to “create and incubate a community of artists to lead the next wave of fresh ideas and innovation in music, dance, theater, film, and new mixed media arts, organically grown out of Bandra.”

Launched in partnership with Whistling Woods, the Base offers cool workshops in music performance, music production, film-making, photography, dance, yoga, martial arts, culinary arts and urban gardening. Besides learning at the Base, you can also rent it out for your own events. It comes with wooden floors, studio mirrors, a stage, a video projector, musical instruments and live sound recording facilities.

And we suddenly have an idea for your next birthday - how about a karaoke party at The Bandra Base? Reflect on another year gone by and do your time in Sing Sing.

Getting there: The Bandra Base, 29th Road, off Waterfield Road, behind Micky Mehta's Gym, Bandra (W), call 30916003.


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