Review: Funzone 5D Cinema
Monday, 09 July 2012 17:58

It’s enough to wet your appetite, a dive into the clear, blue ocean. You can feel the cool water as mosaic schools of fish whizz past you, and a lazy Octopus waves hello. Out of nowhere, a large green turtle slowly swims towards you. It seems friendly. You try going after it, but wait…you’re strapped to a seat.

This was what it felt like to watch a 5D underwater movie on a trip to Australia, a film experience that combines 3D with physical special effects that correspond to scenes. Here, seats move at will, perfume fills the hall, jets spray you with water and movie goers feel rather ridiculous wearing swimming goggles-like glasses.

Oh the Horror!

So when we heard about Funzone Cinema (Phoenix Market City, Kurla), Mumbai’s new 5D theatre hall, we were excited about being silly again. We almost packed a bathing suit until we found out that a horror flick called Haunted Mine was running that day. What’s Ghost Protocol?

The inauguration balloons were still up, but there was no queue. Given the choice of movie, maybe they were going for the whole empty ghost town look. We bought our tickets and settled into the 40-seater theatre that shows one 20-minute movie every day, changing titles on a weekly basis. We put on our 3D glasses and expected pitch darkness to be illuminated by white ghosts, interrupted by outstretched bony arms and coloured with dripping blood.

We were so wrong.

Spook Too Soon?

The film began ten minutes late, because the operators couldn’t figure out how to play the movie. When it finally started, we were treated to opening credit music that belonged to a Western movie, followed by badly executed graphics and unrealistic sound effects. Even the lone snake that leaves you rattled for just a second, couldn’t do much to keep us on the edge. The seats were comfy, but unfortunately their movements weren’t always timed correctly with the film scenes. And when the mining cart was going down the track surrounded by hot flowing lava, we were blown with cool gusts of wind. It’s safe to say that everyone, us and them, were left confused. Despite the novelty (and to some, gross) factor of being sprayed with water while watching a movie, we’d still recommend a Pixar animation in 3D any day.

After the movie, outside, we picked up flyers that said, ‘Comming Soon: Interactive Racing Simulators’, which apparently let you drive ‘a race car in real time’. We hope this won’t crash and burn.

Do this as part of a mall jaunt, and certainly not more than once. Do it for a cocktail party story, do it for your kids, or maybe to win a new kind of seat. You know, for s(h)its and giggles.

 Getting there: Phoenix Market City, between Atrium 2 and 3, Kurla, call 2261801464, anytime between 11am and 10 pm, tickets priced at Rs 180.


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