bpb Cutting: Twice Bitten
Thursday, 22 April 2010 01:47
bpb Cutting:
Twice Bitten

Deja Vu at Shivaji Park, MNS pot boilers and freshly ground faux pas in this week's Mumbai pick-tionary. 

bpb's weekly pick-tionary of Mumbai (and beyond) happenings.

Deja Vu: This week-old Shivaji Park café is entirely forgettable. Read the bpb review here.

Encore: Speaking of déjà vu, Gauri Khan repeats a Jean Paul Gaultier dress at a recent IPL match, and Lady Gaga looks like a giant doily at her live performance in Tokyo.

Faculty vacancies at IITs and IIMs, despite substantial pay and perks. Another report claims that students would rather be engineers than doctors. New nerd mentality?

Forbidden fruit: Apple software engineer leaves next gen iPhone at a bar. Gizmodo buys it for $5,000, and picks it apart for your viewing pleasure. In other tech tales, Kylie Minogue’s fans crash her site as scores log in at the same time to view 30-second clip of her much anticipated new video, All the Lovers. Hoax bomb threat call to the Taj Mahal Hotel by nine-year old sent the staff and security into overdrive on April 20. Meanwhile, the Trident Hotel prepares to open to public for the first time after 26/11 this weekend. Can’t wait!

Lalit Modi may well be the next casualty of the current cricket fiasco, with rumours abounding that he has lost the support of his long-time champion and political heavyweight Sharad Pawar.  Plus, IT raids hit eight franchises including Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. Is this the end of the IPL as we know it? Bal Thackeray certainly hopes so.

Maharashtra politics heats up further with the MNS holding a cooking competition to showcase most authentic Maharashtrian food. Will this, finally, be a free and fair election?

Northern Heat! Religious leader Nithyananda Swami arrested for obscenity in Himachal Pradesh. In Delhi, as temperature and costs go up, Nitin Gadkari goes down.  The BJP chief faints at rally protesting price hike of essential commodities under the UPA government.

Now Showing: Gerard Butler-Jen Aniston movie The Bounty Hunter releases tomorrow. Meanwhile on Twitter, Priyanka Chopra refutes the news that “good friend” Gerard will play one of her seven husbands in Vishal Bharadwaj's Saat Khoon Maaf. Guess a Butler’s services only extend so far.

Penguin Australia commits spelling faux pas by calling for “freshly ground black people” in a pasta cook book, has to destroy 7,000 copies. Talk about a recipe for disaster!

Volcanic ash cloud chaos which has inconvenienced thousands and caused losses of more than 1.7 billion dollars for airlines, may be just the tip of the iceberg, scientists fear as new, larger eruptions expected.

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