bpb Cutting: Over the Moon
Thursday, 04 March 2010 01:08
bpb Cutting:
Moon Over

From here to the moon and back, Mumbai goes places this week.

Our weekly pick-tionary of Mumbai happenings.

Celeb(ate) Talk: Megan Fox claims she has had only two lovers, Jessica Simpson upset at being called “sexual napalm” by John Mayer, Lady Gaga is abstaining, and Robert Pattison allergic to vaginas. Seriously?!

Chandrayaan – 1
scores “finding of the millennium”, discovers water, ice on the moon. Satellite (c)able!

Crash of naval aircraft during Hyderabad air show kills pilot and co-pilot, four others dead. R.I.P

Hockey Score: India thrashes Pakistan, loses dismally to Australia in Hockey World Cup. Stick with it, guys!
Leaser Known Fact:
New data indicates that office space in Mumbai is among the five most expensive in the world, ahead of New York, Paris and Milan.

M F Husain: After being harangued by right-wing hooligans, the famous artist accepts Qatari citizenship, claims he “enjoys complete freedom” there. Qatar more free than India? Bizarre picture!

Pagdis in Paris: Umang Hutheesing commissions an exhibit of Indian royal costumes in the French capital, collaborates with the Pierre Berge-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation.

Oil Sports: As opposition reaction to Budget 2010 cools, fuel prices in India are on the rise.

Quake of 8.8 magnitude rocks Chile
, killing over 800, affecting millions and shifting the Earth’s axis by about 3 inches. Click here to help.

Sexy Six: Elle picks Mumbai’s hottest models ahead of Lakme Fashion Week, which kicks off on Saturday. Who’s your favorite?

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland releases over the weekend. Remember: we’re all mad here!

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