Dial M for Mumbai

It was close to midnight on a muggy Tuesday night when we left Bootleggers for our top-secret fashion recce. In a pink haze of heat and Cosmopolitans (clichéd but free, courtesy Ladies Night) we made our way past Colaba’s trademark seedy little joints. Hidden beneath our oversized Oliver Peoples sunglasses and shadows of the city, we hoped we'd run into her, knowing fully well the peril of our pursuit. Just then, caught in a canted camera angle, under high-contrast lighting, there she was – Causeway Chic, the femme fatale of Mumbai's noir shopping district. Trying to distract us with fake designer bags, all the while keeping the best shopping deals and new restaurant invites for herself.

Lucky for Bombayites, our trusty Burberry Bridle Hobo is equipped with a fake-detector, a best-deal-finder and a new store/restaurant/club radar. We (probably) can't fight gun-toting goons from a 1950 noir flick, but we can definitely put together one kickass Mumbai weekend.

Our modus operandi: before we pack the 4-odd weekend recommendations into a brown paper bag, we embark on a style mission, climbing piles of cool, bringing it all down and sifting through the rubble to separate the good from the bad. The best of these you’ll receive in an email every Friday, and the rest,you can read about right here on our blog.

Let us know about a product/store/restaurant/club you'd like us to bag, and we'll be there in a Mumbai minute. Drop us a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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