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bpb Review- SodaBottleOpenerWala, Khan Market

If a well written song is the sum of its verses, SodaBottleOpenerWala is the sum of its many (many) parts, some so hurriedly put together that you might think it was conceived of by a jovial Bawa uncle who was eager to get back to his stiff drink.

Case in point: walk into this new Irani café


Eleftheria: Artisan Cow’s Milk Cheese On Order


With a cheese making business named after the Greek word for freedom (Eleftheria), it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mausam Jotwani has always wanted to break brie.

Break brie from a corporate 9-to-godknowswhen job, and slip into a life that allows her to turn organic cow’s milk into


The Coup Card is Back!

We’ve said this before. The Coup Card ( is our greatest hits list – a selection of our favourite restaurants in Delhi and Mumbai – and getting you 15% off at these places through the Coup is our gift to you. We want you to like what we like hence we’re back with another


bpb is online!

  1. Oct 13- 18: Urdu Drama Festival
    Shri Ram Center, Mandhi House, 6:30 pm onwards
  2. Oct 10- 19: Old World Theatre Festival 2014
    Indian Habitat Center, Lodhi Road
  3. Oct 17: Flea by Night
    Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mehrauli, 7:30 pm