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bpb Review: Town Hall, Khan Market

When a place has Sushi on the menu, you tend to have high expectations. We heard a lot of buzz about Town Hall- a new restaurant in Khan Market- so this weekend we decided to head to Khan Market to have much more than just a look-see. Contemporary World Cuisine is the understated promise here (and


British Pathe Uploads Entire Archive In HD

If you’re surfing the Internet and subjecting yourself to another cat/baby viral video that someone shared on your timeline, stop.

News archive British Pathe (that produced newsreels & documentaries from 1910 -1970) has digitized and uploaded its entire collection of news clips, films and


Nordic Kandie Magic: Handmade Luxury Marzipans

Kandie Crush

As a kid, this writer’s associations with marzipan are brightly coloured hardened sweets in the shape of fruits that you bought around Christmas and almost broke your teeth with.

But the marzipan is all grown up now: yesterday, we received a beautifully packaged blue box with


Iron Maiden's Trooper Beer In India

Iron Maiden's Trooper Beer In India

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  1. Pooja Dhingra:Demo & Book Signing + Macarons
    Le Creuset, Select Citywalk, 4 pm
  2. Dastkar
    Nature Bazaar, 11 am
  3. Apr 15- May 18: Luxury Shopping Festival
    DLF Emporio, 11 am

Pooja Dhingra: Demo & Book Signing + Macarons