Reglobe: Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot
Tuesday, 02 April 2013 12:13

Toy Story style, in computer purgatory, lie the ghosts of once-beloved machines, the tablet you had to have, the bulky laptop still with your sticker marks on it, on which you wrote your first novel, all making conversation with each other. “She no longer loves me, but how she loved me,” they say, paraphrasing Neruda. Let your laptops go have a second chance at love with new website Reglobe ( and remember, if they come back, they’re yours.

Keeper Of The Key(board)s

All laptops on Reglobe are once-used, so you’re getting the divorced guys, but these have been completely overhauled with a system reboot and a one-year on-site warranty - Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Drive?. They don’t guarantee that your laptop will be brand new and shiny, but if you’ve been into the dented-painted girls, this is a good place to score one for cheap. Plus it’s a good way of getting rid of extra machines, as the website offers free pick-up of your old computers in Delhi and Mumbai. Granted, you might be forced to let go of a perfectly functional old machine for about Rs 2,500 (as we were for a Dell Inspiron), but better than it sitting around collecting dust, right?

Reglobe is two months old, and its founders Nakul Kumar and Mandeep Manocha are engineers with a background in e-waste consulting. They ran a recycling plant for a while, which they shut down in September to focus on this. In the future, the website will allow you to buy and sell old cellphones and tablets as well, but at the moment, they’re just focusing on building up geographically as well as collecting old laptops.

Tested And Screened

All laptops go through a sixteen step overhaul of the hardware, so while the OS will remain the same, you’ll be able to get a second-hand one with a new battery, updated keyboard and so on.

We did a little comparing online to see what kind of deals you could be getting. For an Apple MacBook Pro A1278, the new price is about Rs 65,000 while on this website it’s Rs 45,000. Then there’s the IBM T61 ThinkPad going for approximately Rs 87,000 for Rs 13,900. More comparisons? The HP EliteBook 8440p (i5) for Rs 46,000 versus Rs 24,999, Toshiba L40 for Rs 27,000 versus Rs 11,000 and HP Compaq Presario CQ40 for approximately Rs 27,000 versus Rs 13,500. That’s a lot of numbers, but figure this: you’re saving at least half the cash, which you can put away for a holiday somewhere with tropical drinks. Take your new toy (boy).

Getting there: Log on to, Rs 13,900 for an IBM ThinkPad, free pick up of old laptops.


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