bpb's Map to Hauz Khas Village
Tuesday, 08 May 2012 00:14

We chart out 64 places to eat, shop, see and take snake-charming lessons at in Delhi’s hottest neighbourhood. The Beatles would be proud!

Download bpb’s map to Hauz Khas Village here.

1 Ole Couture: Look past the uninspired Indian wear and you’ll find cool clothes by emerging designers like Sailex NG and Jemma from Germany. With three boutiques in the village, they also stock menswear and leather goods. 30 HKV, 9811822977.

2 Parikrama Music School: Founded by the rock band, these guys offer training in Western and Indian instruments along with a Band Management and Marketing course. They also conduct practical and theory exams under the Trinity School of Music, London. 30 HKV, 2nd floor, 9818120822, www.parikrama.com/school/.

3 Ogaan: One of Delhi’s most popular “multi-designer stores”, this warren of rooms can get you fashionably bankrupt. We love their extensive Pero collection. H-2 HKV, 9711991998.

4 Country Collection: For those of you too lazy to trek through Amar Colony’s lakkad market, Country Collection offers the same hand-painted sideboards, colourful wooden chests and “antique” bric-a-brac in an air-conditioned, pricier environment. Plus, the owner also conducts special healing sessions on Sunday mornings. 2 HKV, 26519683.

5 Twist: Cloudy Ela dresses alone are worth the three floor hike to this new(ish) fashion store. 2 HKV, 2nd floor, 64788922.

6 Delhi Photography Club: Sign up for a beginner’s course, participate in a heritage photo-walk, rent specialty lenses and exhibit your photographs. They have workshops for kids as well. 2 HKV, 4th floor, 8826712162, www.delhiphotographyclub.com.

7 Kuzart Lane: A gallery showcasing artworks from photographers, painters, sketchers and interior designers; walls dedicated to graffiti; café lit by teacup chandeliers and a giant green reptile curled around the building front. 2 HKV, 9810688447.

8 Lola’s World: Christening a brand new location, this store stocks soft toys and baby accessories by European brands like Moulin Roty, Pylones and Chicco. Tres Mignon! 1 HKV, 64514201.

9 Naivedyam: Perfect for a quick South Indian lunch. 1 HKV, 26960426.

10 Wrap it Up: Photo frames and star lanterns made from handmade paper and a super convenient gift-wrapping service. Bow Derek! 1 HKV, 26968127.

11 Indian Art Collection: Basement filled with Bollywood memorabilia. Tourist trap? Maybe, but who doesn’t love a good Mughal-e-Azam poster? 1 HKV, basement, 9818716702.

12 House of Blondie: Run by stylist Kareena Vinaik and stocked with merchandise from London, New York, Milan, at this vintage fashion store you’ll find a few major labels as well interesting prints and accessories. 24/4 HKV, 8860139864.

13 Zo: High-backed sofas, large wooden trunk-tables and cobblestone floors make this Mediterranean restaurant feel like a faraway street café. We only wish the food was more imaginative. 1 HKV, 9911185007.

14 Dang: Maiden venture by the Dang sisters, this new jewelry store has some fun pieces, many featuring birds – tres chick! 24/2 HKV.

15 Upcycle & Ziro Café: Once you’re done shopping for wallets made out of rubber, tetra pack purses and newspaper hairpins, climb up to the comfortably mismatched café: there’s “gourmet” Maggi + fresh juices on the menu and Bob Dylan poetry on the table. Warning: service can be frustratingly slow. 24/3 HKV, 26561268.

16 Love Birds: Rosettes on hair bands and bluebirds on leather/ Peter Pan collars and a dress hemmed in feather/ Vintage pink pearls hung together with strings/These are a few of our favourite things. 24/2 HKV, 9810036992.

17 Sotomoto: The store might be meant for children, but we found plenty of stuff to take home ourselves: pretty storage boxes with leather straps for instance, and a dreamy wrought iron cage. 24/2 HKV.

18 Maya’s: A home-gallery-store straight out of Moulin Rouge, complete with unbearably romantic views of the deer park. Go for fun paintings and quilted jackets (made by Maya’s daughter), but mostly to ogle at the real estate and get a cup of tea with the artist, who lives and works out of this space. 24/1 HKV, 2nd floor, 9818935999.

19A Elma's: Everyone’s favorite teashop. Scones, freshly baked croissants and slow roasted tomato sandwiches are highly recommended. 24/1 HKV, 26521020.

19B Spiral Seed Studio: Run by the people behind Elma’s, Spiral Seed Studio offers Salsa classes every Friday at 7pm, in association with the Latin Dance Federation. Happy feet! 24/1 HKV, 3rd floor, 9899088338.

20 Navratna: Maps, antiquarian books and black and white prints for when you want to play Indiana Jones. 2 HKV.

21 Tana Bana: Great vintage saris and fabrics. Ask for Aftaab, who’ll show you all the best stuff. 2 HKV, 9811881847.

22 Yodakin: Biblio-miles of independently published books, hard-to-find films and rare posters. bpb loves: High Noon and the Body by Kyla Pasha and Rahul Roy’s The Little Book on Men. 2 HKV, 26536283.

23 Apartment 3: Maya’s other venture, this serene 1br apartment is located in the middle of the Village and boasts huge rooms, all white furniture, new appliances and a pretty bathroom floor laid down by the artist herself. Rented by the day and for longer stays. 3 HKV, 9818935999.

24 Lake House 23: A self-described “activity place dedicated to wildlife lovers and adventurers”: this means hiking expeditions, photography trails and upcoming snake charming lessons (and you thought we were kidding about that!). The attached café is best described as basic. 23 HKV, 2nd floor, 9899326888.

25 Nappa Dori: Carefully-crafted leather goods from a bygone era: think boxy trunks in delish colours and handbags stamped with sepia prints. We also love thick leather bracelets and two-buckle belts. 4 HKV, 9810400778.

26 Golconda Bowl: Hyderabadi cuisine, extensive menu and huge portions of hearty, nap-inducing fare. You have been warned. 22 HKV, 1st floor, 49422222.

27 Shrea: This designer does cool things with leather; a lazer-cut, paper-thin leather jacket doubles up as an uber-cool sari blouse. 21-B HKV.

28 O Layla: Paper jewelry, hand-painted T-shirts and cheeky boxer shorts from Cheap Sex. 21 HKV, 26513821.

29 People Tree: An extension of the well-established Connaught place store, People Tree is an explosion of bright, batik fashion. Bring along your sunglasses. 22-A HKV, 1st floor, 26513193.

30 Bodice: One of our favorite fashion stores in Delhi, here you’ll find wispy net skirts and badass blazers designed by Ruchika Sachdeva, who recently showed at Fashion Week. Go! 22 HKV, 2nd floor.

31 Gunpowder: Malabari food has never tasted so good. Best. Parathas. Ever. 22 HKV, 3rd floor, 26535700.

32A Boheme: A beautiful rooftop bar strung with fairy lights, foliage and a bunch of birdhouses, perfect for people-watch with a glass of wine or beer (no hard alcohol served). The food is dodgy, the ambience stellar. 22 HKV, terrace, 26561220.

32B Yellow Butterfly Yoga: HKV’s favorite terrace bar stretches its menu in a new direction to include sunrise yoga lessons taught by former state level running champion and Sivananda yoga teacher Mehak Puri. One neat downward facing dog, please. 22 HKV, terrace, 9818230260.

33 Open Book: A good store to pick up random, eclectic bric-a-brac at. Pay special attention to Saint Pure soaps and shampoos, made from Scottish single malt whiskey.

34 Flipside Café: East Village vibe and a little balcony where the cool kids smoke. The crepes are tasty, but we wouldn’t suggest much else. 7 HKV 1st floor, 26516341.

35 Purple Jungle: Stocking wildly coloured accessories made with everything from newspapers to tires, this store is a different kind of animal. Wend your way upstairs to the "office" for more cool products. 16 HKV, 9650943683.

36 Iron Curtain: Slated to open soon, this restaurant-plus-screening hall will include an American steakhouse and fifteen-seat theater featuring red Innova seats and free screenings of documentaries and independent films by BLOT and Colourblind Productions. Action! 19 HKV.

37 Grey Garden: A small, sophisticated restaurant with good thin crust pizzas and legendary secret dinner parties (check out the Facebook group for more). The attached fashion boutique has fun dresses and fierce accessories. 13A HKV, 26516450.

38 Futomaki: Take-away Sushi rolls run by a Japanese couple that speaks more Hindi than English! Plus, almost half the menu is vegetarian. 13 A HKV, 26561214.

39 Azure: Restobar with hookahs in white tents and a good view of the lake. The menu, however, is haphazard and easily avoided. They've also got a neon-and-black-light room downstairs that can be booked for private parties. 13 HKV, rooftop, 49422222 ext:708.

40 Cine Darbaar: An art gallery and think tank for movies. Film buffs should go here for clips, workshops on Manga and summer film camp. 13 HKV, basement, 65660888, www.cinedarbaar.com.

41 Shivan and Narresh: Super collection of colour-block swimwear at this fashion duo’s dedicated store, perfect for the summer. Also check out fun clutches and necklaces. 12 HKV, 2nd floor, 26536072.

42 Thadi: Hiking up four flights of stairs to this rooftop cafe will get you the best tea in HKV. Expect college sweethearts perched on wicker stools and kids playing pool. 12 HKV, 3rd floor, 9899691341.

43 Delhi Art Gallery: If you're going to buy a Raza or Hussain, here’s where to do it. 11 HKV, 46005300.

44 Vector Ink: The only tattoo parlor in the village. 9A HKV, 9899394406.

45 Out of The Box: Great bar to grab drinks and listen to good music by cool musicians including Sulk Station, Adil and Vasundera and on one night that we visited, even a bunch of ardent Naxal supporters. 9A HKV, 2nd floor, 46132020.

46 Tattva: This super-secluded, organic gallery/café is well off the beaten HKV path, serving vegetarian fare delish enough to satisfy the most hardcore carnivores. They do daily dabbas too! T-71 HKV, 8860244640.

47A Kava: Still under construction, this Kashmiri eatery is run by the same guys behind Mark 5 Films (see below) and promises huge windows, lots of meat and of course, authentic kava. 37 HKV, 26513207.

47B Mark 5 Films: One of several branches in Delhi, this little school hosts variant filmmaking and acting camps for adults and kids. Stop by to know more about the offshore workshops in places like Rajasthan and Greece. 37 HKV, 26513207, http://www.mark5films.in.

48 By Rohit Kant: You know that really boring candelabra you’ve been meaning to liven up? Graphic artist Rohit Kant will hand paint it for you. Also check out his collection of bike helmets, clocks and telephones. T-49 HKV, 9560709315.

49 Kunzum Café: Run by a photographer as a gallery and a meeting space, this complimentary-tea-and-coffee-only café serves up beautiful photographs and a chilled-out vibe. T-49 HKV, 26513949.

50 Ultraconfidentiel: This international interior design firm has worked on some super projects, including the Hermes store in Mumbai and Delhi’s upcoming Bloom Hotels. They do private interiors too and also sell cool lamps and neon Ganpathi statues out of their Village office. Cheers, big ears! 50-E HKV, basement, 9971358479.

51 Dir 69: Store with a small selection of eclectic handbags and two racks of very hip(py?) dresses. 50 HKV, 1st floor, 9810176178.

52 Bagel’s Café: Because sometimes all you want is a lightly toasted sesame bagel and cream cheese. 50 HKV, 64702768.

53 Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen: Nepali, Tibetan and Bhutanese influences make this one of the most unique restaurants in Delhi. Think yak butter, goat maws and offal. Service is terrible, so bring along a dram of patience. 50-A HKV, 2nd floor, 41027746.

54 Monument: If you’re tired out after a long day’s shopping and want a place to sit down or walk off that lunch, make your way to this crumbling monument behind the Village; a good place to revisit Delhi’s history in the midst of the very modern.

55 The Rose: Located on the far side of the Village is a super pretty bed and breakfast with all the comforts of home: free wi-fi, laundry, massages and fragrant flowers everywhere. T-40 HKV, 9953331108.

56 Morphe: Amit Aggarwal finally transforms part of his HKV studio/workshop into a store! Think wildly ruffled sleeves, tubes of fabric and yummy colours. Yes, pleats! T-49 HKV, 9999843553.

57 Amour: (Another) open terrace bar, good wine list, terrible food. 30 HKV, rooftop, 9654126687.

58 Welcome Point: Not your ordinary kinaara store, Welcome Point has several tricks up its sleeve including a cheap, rotating dabba service (rajma and rice, chapattis, “passta’s”) and delivery of snacks, cigarettes, etc. all over the Village. Street store, 9350824398.

59 Diva Piccola: Tinier than the other Divas, this branch features an edited menu of pizza, pasta and grills. Good spot for lunch, but not if you’re really hungry – the portions are woefully small. 30 HKV, first floor, 40536001.

60 Kafe D'or: A French inspired café with big windows and white furniture; excellent coffee, lush chocolate fondant and tiramisu in pretty crooked-stem martini glasses. A-10 HKV, 26561090.

61 De Villa Owned by cricketer Ashish Nehra, this restaurant and bar is absolutely massive. Order yourself a Bloody Mary, sit back and watch the IPL. 8-A HKV, 49422222.

62 Capri Villagio Great pizza and a Coke-ice-rock-salt concoction that’s ideal for the Delhi heat at this Italian eatery. Unfortunately, they don’t have a bar license yet. 1-A HKV, 41623333.

63 White: Skip the mostly passé designer wear at this retail store for chunky costume jewelry by St Erasmus, ballet flats by Taramay and 7 For All Mankind jeans. 31 HKV, 1st floor, 46054817.

64 The Living Room Café & Kitchen (TLR): One of the pioneers of the HKV boom, this remains a neighbourhood favourite. Great drinks, decent food, eclectic music and even a giant piñata to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! 31 HKV, 1st floor, 46080534.

PS: Thanks Ruchika Sachdeva, Smita Rathore & Anand Puri for inputs. Inspired by this map we did for CNNGo.com.


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