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Who You Gonna Call?

Rajesh. Maharashtra Stationery And Xerox. Natalia.

Probably the three most useful contacts at the bpb office. The first is a laptop doctor, the second delivers international magazines and the third, bakes us the best chocolate cupcakes.

This week's all-invading, all-consuming story - and our junior editor Shreya will vouch for it - is the contact list that came out today. We got Bombay's lovelies - the people behind Cafe Zoe and Suzette, Bandit Queen and Filter, False Ceiling and Condenast Traveler - to open up their big black books and share their best kept contacts. Yup, this phone list has everything short of a ghost buster.

Here's one from us to you: Have a query about the city? Call bpb's concierge service on 022 22161497 from Mon to Fri between 11.30 am to 5 pm. Talk to you later!

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